Saturday, March 15, 2014

I Know It Was You Allison...

I know it was you Allison... broke my heart.

You broke my heart.
I can't believe I voted for this girl, I must say she had me COMPLETELY fooled. The only solace I have is that I was most definitely not alone. With 200,000 total votes in the Final Houseguest sweepstakes she fooled a lot of people.
I thought she was smart, a gamer, I thought she was a female version of Emmett. I thought she was going to come in to that house and rally against the First Five and blow it the Hell up. I needed a saviour, something to convince me that this horrible season wasn't going to go to shit.

Instead I get a sheep. BAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! And now King Andrew and his douchy court get yet another vote, and pretty much lock up this thing until final 6. The only way to get rid of any of the first 5 now is to have 2 of them on the block at the same time post veto, and even if that happens Allison is right there to step in and take that 5th spot. And you know even if that did happen it'd be one of the First Five I like who goes like Sarah or Arlie. You all know Andrew and his court jester Kenny are safe for a loooooong time.

I feel like all the good guys in the Star Wars prequels, all this time I was fighting for the wrong side, I was helping evil. I'm absolutely sick to my stomach.

But, I suppose it's my fault for believing in anything anymore.
People are still hoping that she's just playing him. And hey, I hope for that too but I don't see it. Pre kiss I'd have totally bought that argument. After this I don't. But hey, I'm old fashioned. I view a kiss far more importantly than today's younger generation seems to; for a lot of them it's akin to a handshake. That's the only hope I have, and a faint hope it is.
So if you'll excuse me I'll be (figuratively) searching for a gun to put in my mouth.

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