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My Favorite Non-Tom Moment so Far

I talk about Tom a lot on this blog, I think it might have something to do with the thing being NAMED after him, that and he's so fuckin awesome.

But, My favorite moment of Big Brother Canada so far didn't involve Tom at all. It's a popular one out there but I figured I'd share it anyway because it still makes me laugh to this day.

I'm of course talking about Aneal's master glitter plan to get people pissed at Gary. This deception plan was so well conceived the people who came up with Operation Fortitude just sat in a corner by themselves mumbling incoherently about how they've been topped, sobbing into their beers.

I mean, I hate Gary. I can NOT stand the guy. I must admit he did grow on me a little bit until he fuckin broke his word and backstabbed Tom. Now I hope he gets hit by a bus when he walks out of the Big Brother house, and his eviction is one of the few reason I'm still going to watch the rest of this season now that The Hurta from Alberta is gone. If Gary ends up winning this game I'm going to shove a power drill in my skull.

Anyway, here's the moment. (I also love Liza's 'up my ass' comment. This is the moment I knew she was awesome)

Big Brother Canada Exclusive: Tom Doing His Picture Task

Big Brother Canada has released a video of Tom's pic taking mission. Smile hamsters!

Tom just tweeted a picture of Liza's Audi...


Tom's Big Brother Goodbye

Big Brother Canada's Exclusive Goodbye Interview with Tom.

Tom AND Liza interviewed by Kid Craig

Alec is the new HoH

Not thrilled about this, because it basically means another week of fuckin Topaz...

As much as I hate Topaz I love this pic of her. :D

But, it could be worse: It could be Gary, and another week of his glittery idiocy. Word is the nominees are going to be Suzette and AJ with Suzette being the target. For a guy who hated Tom so much he's making almost exactly the same play Tom did...

I'm listening to Peter and Alec talk as I type this and they're talking about getting rid of Topaz right after she left the room. Bahahahahaha, as much as I dislike Alec I dislike Topaz more.

In other news I started a hashtag on Twitter that a lot of people really seemed to enjoy. #TheFeedsAreDownBecause (They were down for 32+ hours!) But they came back up before we could get it to trend. :( Oh well.

A pic of my glory.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Tom Interviewed by Kid Craig (Video)

This Pic Just Made My Day

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jealous of Tom right now. LOL.

Tom and Liza on ET Canada (Video)

These ET interviews are always so short, I don't even know why they have them, but oh well. Here it is.

Tom is now on Twitter! WOO HOO!

His handle is @BBC1Tom

Because he's the star of the show here I've also added a Twitter embed to the right that'll show all his tweets. Enjoy. :D

Liza is now on Twitter

Her handle is @BBC_Liza

Tom's Post Eviction Conference Call (Courtesy

Original Link: In terms of your gameplay, what do you think were some of your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
Tom: I will start with the weaknesses. I think having trust in people, and giving people my word and expecting it back was a huge weakness. I thought that just because I was being honest and playing with integrity, I thought people would give me the same respect in return which they did not. So I should have had a little bit more radar control with the lies and just the disrespect that people returned to me. Now as far as strengths go, I was on the block within minutes of coming into the house, so I had to show that I could win a competition. I am very competitive, and I sort of just rolled with it. You know, I did win 2 POVs and an HOH in the 30 days that I was there, so I definitely walked out the door as a strong competitor that people were scared of, and that makes me happy. Had you have stayed, do you believe that the events of this past week would have hurt your relationship with Emmett moving forward in the game, or would you still have wanted to go to the end with him?
Tom: Yeah, you know, the events of the last week were really really tough, they were really hard on me. I would have had for sure stuck with Emmett till the end of the game, no hesitation, no doubts. It would have been Em and Tom till the end, and I truly feel that way. You were obviously getting closer to Liza. Do you think your game plan had started to shift, almost to the point that, had both of you guys found a way to stay in the house, you would have taken Liza to the Final 2 over Emmett?
Tom: Honestly man, I would have stuck with Emmett until the end of the game. That's something I told Liza. The feelings I had for her were and are 100% real, but Emmett was my bromance. Emmett and I, we would have went Final 2 and that was the plan. By now you're aware that the other members of your Quattro alliance were behind your eviction. Did you have your suspicions that they were planning on getting you out before Gary put you on the block?
Tom: I honestly had no idea. I was totally blindsided. I thought that, regardless of what happened in the house, that Quattro would have my back. The move in which I was told, was to get Liza out of the game and the only way that they could ensure her leaving was to have me on the block. It was a lose-lose situation for me. I had really no idea and Alec and Peter did a really good job at lying to my face about the whole situation, so I had no idea. Last night, they really told a lot of the story about Alec in the shower. Going into that, were you just in the mindset that this is just a guy and this is a joke that I would pull in a locker room sort of situation? It didn't seem like you wanted him to have that sort of strong emotional reaction to it.
Tom: Totally, man. It was just for me, it was messing around with one of my boys. I wanted to have fun and joke around. When it seriously offended him personally, it tore me up. It felt like I just hit my little brother or something. It was really hard for me how he reacted. It was very unfortunate. I don't think it had a true role in him evicting me. I think that was the plan the whole time, to get strong players out of the game. At the same time, I think you know what, if you walk around half naked throughout the whole show and you present yourself in that manner, you're susceptible to a little pranking. I feel bad doing it on a personal level, but I don't regret doing that if it makes sense. Interviews Tom

Original Link:
So, I mean, how is it feeling looking back now on the last week and knowing the whole time that you got played by Emmett, Alec, Peter, everyone was in on evicting you the entire week, and specifically secured the votes, and then orchestrated everyone lying to you until you left?
Honestly, Brendan, I don't think I would have been able to save myself. Umm, they had the votes and they got me, they hands down got me. It was a very big, strong move, and you know what, I can.. I can admit when I'm beat, and they got me good, so hats off to them. Good job, I don't think I would have been able to stop it.Their plans were in motion. Had I won the power of veto that's the only way I would have been safe.
Why did you waste so much energy trying to evict Suzette during your reign as HoH. I knew she nominated you on a whim week one, and called you a redneck, but strategically did you not see bigger threats in the house?
Honestly, umm, Suzette in the house was a big threat to me because she was, not only a ticking time bomb, she wasn't loyal to any side, like Gary. She's a person that will align with anyone to get herself through the week. To me that's a threat, because that's a vote. I'm okay with people in alliances, and strong players because, at that time of the game I thought I had a strong alliance. I went for single people who would jump from alliance to alliance, I wanted to target those people to protect myself in the game because for sure if Suzette got power again she would put up Emmett and I. I knew she would do it again, I had a feeling so the house was really pushing for Suzette to leave, and I thought it was the easiest thing to do.

Huffington Post TV Interviews Tom

Original Link:
What are your thoughts on being eliminated?
I was betrayed in the game by the people I thought were my closest allies. Being blindsided and backstabbed isn't easy.
Who/what do you think was most responsible for your elimination, and why?
The weakest players morally were responsible for my elimination. They all took me as a threat; it's unfortunate that these individuals played based on fear.
What was the hardest thing to deal with in the BBC house?
The hardest thing for me to deal with in the house was the uncertainty of how I was being perceived. I hope that my integrity in the game was recognized. Being viewed as a bully is not something I'm OK with.
Any regrets?
Never. Stay true, be you. I was one hundred percent real in this game. The hardest thing for me will be returning home as a "loser" in the game. In my life, failure is not an option ... I guess I now need a new life quote.
Any predictions on what’s going to happen and who’s going to take it all?
I'm really hoping that my boy Emmett takes it all. I predict the game will become very personal and full of lies. It was a very good time for me to be evicted ... integrity and all.
Do you think being in your "power couple" right from the start hurt you? Are the two of you going to pursue a relationship outside of the BBC house?
[Laughs] "Power couple" ... maybe if you're referring to my bromance. Liza and I are going to take some time to get to know one another outside the BBC house. No cameras, no mics. To be real, I'm crushing on her hard.
Did power go to your head?
I did feel like I had some control. I wanted to keep the majority of the house happy. People in the house said I had a big ego, but they've never won a competition!

Nothing to Say Here, I Just Love This Pic!

Tom in the last episode before he got screwed.

Mike's Bloggity Blog interview with Tom

Original Link:
How are you feeling this morning?
I didn’t really sleep well last night. When I opened my eyes, I didn’t really know where I was and I felt like a bag of crap. I feel like I got dumped by twelve people at once.
Are you surprised by how personally you ended up taking the game?
Yeah, I really am. I told myself that I wasn’t going to take the game personally because I know it’s a game. But I played the game true to myself. Everything felt personal. When I was asking people for their word, I really meant it, I really was asking for their word and I did not get it in return.
In the last week, whose actions surprised you the most?
It really started with Emmett and his whole problem with Liza and I’s relationship. You know what, if he had just sucked it up like a man, we could have had a really strong alliance, but he had this huge hate on for Liza for some reason.  Also Alec and Peter, I could just feel something wasn’t right with them, I didn’t trust the other half of the Quatro Alliance, but I was going to stay loyal to it.
When did you first get a sense that something was off?
It really happened with Peter. When I was trying to tell him to save Liza, I felt like I was talking to a brick wall. I think with Alec as well, I just didn’t get good vibes from him. The only people I could trust in the game was Liza and Emmett, and they were on two different teams.
When you’re in the house, do you forget that the cameras are there?
I probably personally exposed myself more than anybody in the house. I forgot the cameras were there probably 40% or 50% of the time. I’d walk out of the shower naked or walk around the bedroom, I just forgot what was going on. I had to remind myself that I was in front of a camera.
So does that make you nervous about how you may have been perceived on the show?
I don’t really know. I don’t how people view me right now. I haven’t seen any of the episodes, so I don’t know how my character has been built. I kept my honesty and integrity and I talked about that in the diary room, so hopefully that message was going home. I was being the real me, whether they hate me or they love me, they know me.
Since you were evicted, have you learned something about inside that house that you didn’t already know?
There’s a couple of things. Kat and Aneal said they knew each other which was false. The secret shield alliance between Peter and Alec, it looks ilke something out of a comic book. They have this special alliance with each other and they got the two most physical players to join their alliance. It was a very smart move.
Whose diary room interviews are you most excited about watching?
Probably Liza’s.
Why’s that?
I think it’d be good to hear the truth and her reactions throughout the game. A lot of people in that game talk but no one really listens. So when you’re able to have a conversation with someone, you are really able to become close with them.
Who are you rooting for now?
I’m still sticking with my boy Emmett. 100% all the way. I hope he takes it and I hope squashes Peter along the way.

CTV Article on Tom with Quotes

Original Link:

Personal Note: Tom's quote in this article "A villain to me is someone that lies, cheats and steals. I never did any of those things. I was a strong character, I was honest and I was a threat," is EXACTLY how I feel about the whole villain bullshit.
Ousted "Big Brother Canada" star Tom Plant says he was bewildered to learn he's been seen as the villain on the first-ever Canuck version of the reality TV smash.
Still smarting from being voted out in the latest episode, the 25-year-old Edmonton firefighter says he stayed honest throughout the game -- unlike other people.
Plant is the fourth contestant evicted from the Slice series, in which contestants live together in a camera-rigged house completely cut off from the outside world.
They compete in weekly mental, physical and social challenges to avoid elimination. The winner gets $100,000, a $25,000 gift card to The Brick and a Chevrolet Trax.
The latest episode featured a double eviction, with Plant's "showmance" partner Liza Stinton also getting the boot after appearing to pit her rivals against each other.
The Toronto tanning salon owner says she's happy to leave the show at the same time as Plant, noting that she would have been very vulnerable without him.
Plant, however, said he was still reeling from the 8-1 vote.
"I'm feeling pretty brutal about it -- I did not want to leave the game this early, I wanted to win the game," Plant said Friday morning.
"I'm pretty hurt, I feel really betrayed right now. But it's a new day and I'm happy to be out in the world again."
Plant emerged as a domineering contender from Day 1, when he was nominated for elimination alongside pal Emmett Blois. He avoided that early exit by winning a contest that revealed his competitive edge and earned him powerful alliances, as well as wary enemies.
His inner circle included a tentative romance with the 29-year-old Stinton, who established herself as a savvy social player who bonded to varying degrees with most of the other houseguests.
Stinton credited the game's intensity and great casting with forging no less than three "legit, totally into-each-other showmances."
"The 'Big Brother' gods are a bunch of matchmaking geniuses," Stinton laughed Friday, listing the couples that formed within days.
"Alec (Beall) and Topaz (Brady), I think were Night 1. Tom and I were sleeping in bed together Night 2.... And the only reason that Jillian (MacLaughlin) and Emmett didn't appear sooner is because he was on the (elimination) block that week."
She said she didn't expect there to be a double eviction this week but noted that houseguests are generally aware that producers will throw in some kind of twist.
"We're always thinking something's going to happen," she said.
Plant said he had no regrets about the way he played the game, including a shower prank in which he exposed a naked Beall to the cameras.
"The jokes I played with Alec or the other houseguests, that was me, that's who I am and I feel bad and I apologized that I hurt someone's feelings but that's who I am," he said.
"I don't regret anything in the house."
He said he didn't deserve to be seen as a villain, suspecting he's perceived as the bad guy simply because he was the strongest player.
"A villain to me is someone that lies, cheats and steals. I never did any of those things. I was a strong character, I was honest and I was a threat," he said.
"People had to lie to my face to get me out the door. People told me not to even pack my things because I was so safe. I think people literally had no option but to lie to my face to make me leave."

Calgary Herald Interview With Tom

Original Link:

Personal Note: Excellent Interview, best I've seen so far.
It’s only 8 a.m. Calgary time, the morning after the night Tom Plant was evicted from the Big Brother Canada house, and the firefighter/bartender is already caught up on what’s being said about him.
“Yeah, I heard that,” Plant says when asked about his not always positive depiction on the Slice reality series that documents a group of Canadians competing in total lockdown with no contact with the outside world. He’s making the rounds from Toronto, giving a whirlwind of interviews to media outlets across the country.
He lasted 29 days in the purpose-built BBC house that is blanketed with video cameras and microphones. but was at a disadvantage from the start. The first day in the house, Suzette nominated him for eviction, along with his best bud, Emmett. They escaped the block, but not even being the founding member of Quatro, the dominant force in the house (made up of Tom, Emmett, Alec and Peter), could save Tom in the end. He was evicted from the house on Thursday night, in an 8-1 vote, with Emmett casting the sole vote to keep Tom.
The Albertan’s “no-mance showmance” with Liza played a large part in his ousting, as his boys didn’t trust the Torontonian, who played a smart game, perhaps too smart for her own good, as she was also evicted on Thursday’s episode. I had a quick chat with the Calgary-born, Edmonton-based 25-year-old, who wanted to make sure to give a big shout out to Calgary. “It’s where my heart is,” he says with much of his family living here.
Question: It’s your first day out of the house. How’s it been?
Answer: Today has been so positive. Leaving the house, I just felt so upset. Today has been truly amazing. It is just so exciting that people know who I am and that they are proud of who I am.
Q: I talked to Danielle about her concern about how she portrayed on the show. Did that factor into what went done in the house?
A: Definitely. In the house, you think about what you look like to the real world. I thought about it, about how people would view me. But I told myself it didn’t matter if I was being real, if I was being who I really am, inside the house, it didn’t matter what people thought. Because jealousy is love at the same time, so when people think these things about you, it doesn’t really matter. It doesn’t have an effect on me.
Q: It seems that you played a much more emotionally driven game than you were intending on:
A: I would definitely agree with that. My game was very emotionally driven. I wanted to play with my integrity. I definitely have to be real. Right when I walked in the house, I got put up on the block. Originally, I didn’t want to be such a stronger competitor. I just wanted to feel everyone out. But I had to say to myself, the first night I went into the house, I figured ‘You know what? I’m going to be competitive. And if I leave this house as a fighter, that’s the way I want to leave.
Q: Quatro, on the surface, seemed like a good move.
A: From the outside looking in, and from the inside myself, I thought the Quatro alliance was bulletproof. It literally imploded from the inside due to Peter and Alec’s own personal insecurities.
Q: Did you know about their secret alliance?
A: No, I did not know about their own personal, secret alliance between the two of them.
Q: How did your relationship with Liza factor into it?
A: Honestly, she was my calming agent throughout the game. She was the person who got me the most, who understands me for who I am in the game. I never talked at her, it was always with her. It was good conversation always. It was just very easy to take time away from the game. It was like an escape . . . It felt like we were out on a patio somewhere. She definitely played a big part in keeping me from blowin’ a gasket on certain people in the house.
Q: We’re on the outside watching it and we can leave. How much pressure is there being in the house?
A: When you’re in the house for 24 hours a day, people only see three hours a week. And you’re in there 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is pressure. You are seeing these people all day, and the littlest thing of someone burping or farting or someone just being disgusting or not cleaning up after a mess or not brushing their teeth in the morning or the way they leave the bathroom or their hair everywhere. Just the littlest thing can really get on your nerves in the house. And you really have to sit back and chill. ‘I’m on Big Brother Canada and it’s a wonderful experience, so I just have to go with it.’
Q: If you could go back to Day One when you walked into the house, what would you do differently?
A: I would have picked up that phone when it rang instead of Suzette, and I would have been HoH and I would have put Gary and Suzette up on the block in the very beginning. It would have been a totally different game.
Q: Who has the best shot of taking it?
A: Not the person I would want to win the game. Honestly, I would say that Peter has the best shot of winning the game.
Q: And who do you want to win the game? (We already know this one, but have to ask, right?)
A: I 100 percent want my boy Emmett to win the game. He deserves it way more than Peter. Emmett is one heck of a guy. I definitely want him to come out to Calgary with me. Take him for night out, maybe a Flames game.
Q: Oh, the Flames aren’t going to be playing much longer.
A: I heard! I am so disappointed. What are we going to do?
Q: What do you want to people to know about you, because honestly, you did not get the most positive portrayal on the show.
A: It’s not the first time I’m hearing that, believe me. Positively? I just want people to realize that I was really the only person in that game that did not lie, that played with full integrity and I kept my morals. People need to understand that it is very hard in that situation to stay true to yourself and I kept faith and was strong and I stayed true to who I am. For people who may have a negative view on me, they don’t know me and they don’t need to know me. For my family and friends in Alberta . . . I just hope they appreciate me for being an Alberta boy who stayed true to his word and did not cheat and who is coming home proud.
Q: What did you learn about yourself from this experience?
A: No matter how perfect you think things are going, anything can change at any given second. You can hit rock bottom tomorrow. That is truly how I felt in the house. I felt super high, then really down low in the matter of a week. You really just have to stay true to yourself because you never know what’s going to happen.

Metro Canada Article on Tom with Quotes

Original Link:

Personal Note: I want a job as an editor at Metro Canada, because they have the most spelling mistakes I've ever seen in a major newspaper. They called Quattro "Quartro" and Liza "Lisa" I fixed what I saw...

Albertan Tom Plant was assured he would not be walking out the doors on Thursday night, but in true Big Brother Canada fashion, he learned anything can happen.
The Calgary-born, Edmonton-based Plant was the fourth houseguest evicted from the house, and only minutes later, his “showmance” Liza Stinton walked out the door as well in the live double-eviction episode.
“Right when I found out that I was going home, I felt completely shocked and betrayed. My heart sunk in disappointment that no one could keep their word to me,” he told Metro Friday from Toronto.
Plant had been in a four-person alliance called the “Quatto” with fellow houseguests Emmett Blois, Peter Brown and Alec Beall — or so he thought.
After leaving the house, Plant learned that Beall and Brown have since formed a two-person team and helped mastermind the plan to evict him.
“It was definitely hard. It was a very real feeling.”
Despite being deceived, Plant said he has no regrets about his emotional game play.
Now back in the real-world, he said he’s hopeful his relationship with Stintion, a Torontonian, can continue.
“The world needs us more than the house does, so I really believe we’re out of the house for a reason,” he said. “The house is going to get super poisonous and toxic now, maybe it’s good we can take our relationship into the real world.”
The proud Alberta boy said he plans to return home to spend the summer and see what opportunities arise from this experience.
Big Brother Canada airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. MST, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. MST.

MSN Interview with Tom

Original Link :
Were you surprised at all by how the votes went? Emmett was the only one who voted for you to stay.
Yeah. Honestly, I was totally shocked how the votes went. Eight to one, when all I needed was five votes to stay. It was already difficult going into it against Liza and I felt super safe with the Quattro alliance. I even felt safe with A.J., who gave me his word and Talla, who is from my hometown. It was very difficult to leave with that big of a backhand.
Did opening up the shower door on Alec make up his mind to evict you or did you think that he and Peter were already going to vote you out?
I personally believe that the whole situation with Alec had nothing to do with me leaving. They had a secret alliance which I’m now finding out about called The Shield and they’re going to get the big and strong competitors out of the game because of the fear that they have that they cannot compete on the same level as myself and Emmett. It was easy for them to send me packing so that they don’t have to deal with me in the future.
The thing with Alec, was that a harmless prank or retaliation for him not using the veto to get you off the block?
It was 100% in the moment. I was just joking around. It could have been anybody in there…any guy. Of course not a female. I would never do that to a girl. I’m a hockey boy and a firefighter. I’m confident with myself. The way that Alec presents himself in the house, I thought that he was very comfortable with himself. It was a simple joke, the door was opened for half a second and then it was closed. Liza was right there and saw nothing. I think that the only person who blew it out of proportion was Alec himself went he went crying about it. It was not premeditated whatsoever.
Alec called you a “bully” for doing this. You confided in Liza that if people knew what you’ve had to overcome, they would never see you as a bully. 
Honestly, the word “bullying” is a horrible word. I was actually bullied in high school quite a bit. I’m a very strong person because of what I had to go through in my life. I grew up really poor and in a tough neighbourhood. I went through a lot of struggles. I didn’t have a male role model in my life growing up, so I had to teach myself everything – like shaving. I had to become the man of the house. I had to be the strong man. So people might take my sternness as bullying or in a negative way, but it’s just being strong and proud.
A lot of the other house guests have said that power went to your head, is this something you would agree with? 
A lot of the house guests say that the power went to my head but a lot of those house guests never won an HoH or a Power of Veto competition. So once they are in a position of power, they’ll feel pretty amazing too! I felt great. You’ve got to win to be in that position and none of those people have won anything yet. In his goodbye message, Andrew said that I worked out so much that the only thing that got bigger was my ego. That upset me because I was helping Andrew out with his workouts and taking care of his knees, which were really bad. And when Peter said “Don’t worry about Liza. I’m going to keep her warm,” that struck with me too, because Peter’s got no balls. He’s so quiet in the house and doesn’t say anything. The only chance he ever had the guts to say it was when he couldn’t say it to my face. I’m a strong individual…but Peter and I are going to have a little chat. It’ll be interesting!
If you had to choose between Emmett and Liza, who would you have taken to the final two?
I would have went with Emmett. It has nothing against Liza, but from Day 1, Emmett was my boy and I gave him my word. I keep my word.
What’s next for yourself and Liza?
Honestly, we joked that it was a “no-mance.” She and I kept it classy. I’m in her city right now (Toronto) but I’m an Alberta boy, so that will be difficult.
With yourself and Liza out of the house, how do you see the next week playing out? Who do you think will be the next big targets?
With the way that the groups are aligning, I’m going to say that they’ll take out A.J. and Talla. You’ve got the boys, Alec, Peter and Emmett while Alec has Topaz, Emmett has Jillian. Then you’ve got Gary and who is he going to align with? Is he going to align with Topaz, Suzette or Talla? There’s going to be some people who’ll stick out and they’ll be on the block. But, I’ll tell you this: Talla is kerosene, she needs one little spark for her to blow up!

Tom's Twitter Chat

Here are the Q&A's from Tom's Twitter chat today. Unfortunately they didn't ask mine. LOL.

TOM: Thanks for all the love! Come say hi!

Q: Stephen Irvine ‏@sjrirvine: Who are you rooting for now?
A: The 'milkman' - Emmett!

Q: Shawn Murphy ‏@number1milosfan : What do you wish you got to do before you left?
A: I wanted to win one more HOH. I wanted to get another letter from home.

Q: Simi Litt ‏@simbaaa1D : Do you think AJ and Talla will make it very far in the game?
A: No, i think they are going next.

Q: Daniel Falconer ‏@Danarazzi : Tom do you feel the power shift ruined your entire game?
A: Absolutely Yes.

Q: ʝεѕѕ ✌ ‏@Jess_BBLove : To Tom + Liza, now that you've had a chance to relax and think about the game, what would you have done differently?
A: I would have sat Liza, Emmett and Jillian down and made stronger alliance.

Q: Haley Voll ‏@HaleyVoll : did you truly like Liza or was it all for the show ?
A: I was 100% real throughout the whole show.In every aspect.

Q: Donna @DonnaCathryn : #ASKBBCAN Will you continue to watch the show now that you r out? Will u be watching with Liza???
A: Big Brother is my favourite show - so YES. and MAYBE watching with Liza!

Tom and Liza on The Morning Show

This is what all you fuckin haters out there have been waiting for like the salivating dogs that you are. (Classic Krusty the Clown reference)

Tom suffering.

It's clear since he's been evicted he's discovered how the brainless masses out there think of him. I hope you enjoy it because quite frankly you haters make me sick...

Original Video- More videos at TinyPic

I also love how the host just couldn't resist telling Tom everyone hates him. (Which isn't true, I'm not the only Tom fan out there, we may be in the minority but we're there.) Oh bitch, you couldn't tell from the look on his face he already had a clue about that? Better to be sure to crush him on national TV again though just to be sure... Who cares right, he's only a TV show character!

I hope at some point Tom finds this site and sees that not everyone hates him. As much as I personally would like to see him go on Twitter like the other evicted houseguests I dunno if that would be good for him, given the hatred of the pea brains out there. But if he does you can rest assured I'll be letting him know that he was appreciated by some.

Worst... Episode... Ever...

I should have seen this coming, bad people always get their way over good people. So not only does Tom get blindsided with Emmett being the only non-piece of shit voter in the house, but then Liza goes out too.

Oh I'm sure all the assholes out there who don't like these two just creamed in their pants at this episode. But for those of us who AREN'T morons this was the worst Episode in BBCan's short history.

Not only is the best player AND his lady gone, but now the house is filled with floaters, glitter, and skanks (I'm looking in your direction Topaz) I know I said when Tom got backstabbed by Gary that the blog would continue regardless, but now I'm not so sure I want to watch. Because I know who's going to win. I hate Gary the most so he's OBVIOUSLY going to win. That prediction is as good as fuckin currency. I could take that prediction into my bank tomorrow and they'd deposit that shit no questions asked! Oh, and I want to address any assholes out there who think I hate Gary cuz he's gay: One of my best friends is Gay, and I showed him a video of Gary and even HE hated him. He couldn't even watch the whole video that's how fuckin annoying Gary is. Fuck the other Gay player in the game, Aneal hated him too. Oh Aneal how I wish you were still in the house too...

I'm so pissed off right now, if it wasn't for that God damned Twist and all the whiny bitches getting their panties in a bunch and getting Emmett's HoH taken away this would have never happened. They fuckin rigged this shit to give the viewers what they wanted.

Oh, I also love how the producers handled the whole ShowerGate thing. I'm NOT condoning what Tom did by any stretch, he himself said he was wrong. But motherfuckers made him out like he was Hitler on that shit, didn't even show him apologizing to Alec, WHICH HE DID, or the remorse he felt about it or the night he spent awake thinking about the fallout from it (and to be fair also his relationship with Liza) Just made it seem like he didn't care at all. Didn't show his explanation, NOTHING! Why would I want to continue to watch a show like that? Why do these idiots feel the need to do that, just open up the house, let people in and I'm tellin you the drama will happen on it's own. Stop twisting it and embellishing it to suit your own fuckin agendas. Oh, and using the part where he's crying about his Mom having Cancer as if he's crying about what happened to Alec was fucking lower than Topaz's belly. (She's a snake in this metaphor)

So, anyway. What's done is done, I hope Tom and Liza figure out how they feel about each other and do what's best for both of them.

Jeeze, I gotta calm down... I know, I'll watch that awesome video of the houseguest's dance party. (Dancing starts at 5:10)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Big Brother Canada on Facebook - The Twist

If any of you are NFL football fans I hope you know about NFL QBs on Facebook. It's a hilarious send up done by the funny folks over at

Proving all the best ideas are stolen I decided to do a version for Big Brother Canada. One of the premiere Big Brother watchers hamsterwatch called it 'utterly brilliant' which was a humbling honor to be sure.

I hope you enjoy it as much as hamsterwatch did. :D

Tom is Way Out

A little pre double eviction night humor from our friends at JokersUpdates. :D LOVE that shirt by the way.

Tom Is Way Out

Tom Opens Up To Liza

Tom hasn't opened up a lot in this game, but knowing Wednesday was his last night with Liza (Unless we get a miracle Twist) he opened up to her and showed the side of him I've been telling people was there from the start of this blog. I watch him a lot on the feeds and one of the many things I've noticed is that he always opens the door for his lady. I think in a lot of ways he's an old school gentleman which I can relate to because I always seem like I'm stuck in the past when it comes to that sort of thing. Like I should have been born in chivalry times. LOL.

Edit, forgot to credit Corndogger of JokersUpdate for the vid.

I can't say I know exactly what he's gone through, and what he did to Alec is inexcusable, but I've also had a lot of hardship in my life, lost my sister to Cancer in 2011, and know that sometimes the weight of life can make you into a person you're not. Tom has some growing up to do there's no doubt about that, but in a way he's had to grow up faster than any of us really should have to.

Obviously as a Tom fan I hope he stays tonight, my best case scenario is he stays, wins the HoH and the POV and then doesn't use it on Gary, in his speech telling him he should have kept his word, and sends Gary packing to avenge his lady. But regardless of what happens I wish him the best of luck. I hope his Mom beats the living snot out of Cancer, beats it so fucking bad it cries like the little cowardly bitch Cancer is.

As far as Liza goes, there seems to be controversy out there over whether her father passed away of Cancer. In this clip she tells Peter that she should lie and say her dad is dying of cancer and she can't afford the chemo. Then there were reports she told Tom her dad died of cancer. If she lied about that I think that's fuckin disgusting, but I have no idea whether her dad did die of cancer or not. So I'll reserve judgment except to say her original 'plan' makes me sick.

Monday, March 18, 2013

The Tom and Liza Show

Earlier tonight Tom and Liza blew off some steam and had a hilarious back and forth out in the snow. I literally laughed my ass off, that's right Canada I have no ass any more!

I've said before Tom has a fuckin epic sense of humor, and this just proves it. Too bad it's so long cuz I would love to see them air this on the Wednesday show.

Liza: She (Fictional caller 'girl from Nanaimo') wants to know, are you going to get a new cuddle buddy in this game?
Tom: Oh, good question am I going to get a new cuddle buddy in this game? Well, is Andrew available? Cuz I did start off with him.

Liza: (fictional caller from Ottawa) Tom, are you disappointed in Gary's decision to put you on the block?
Tom: Well, it's like this bro. I live my life by my word, and if you don't live your life by your word you're pretty worthless. Gary, you should have been out week one/week 2 man. I know in Ottawa you don't act like that. He didn't keep his word to me, that's not cool. You know what I'm sayin bro?

Liza: Commercial break
Tom: Commercial break! Wow, that whole acting thing takes a lot out of you.


I talk a lot about Tom on this blog, and with good reason cuz he's fuckin AWESOME, but I figured I'd dedicate a post to his main squeeze in the game, Liza.

Firstly, I LOVE Liza. Beautiful, Intelligent, strong girls who aren't fuckin stuck up about sex turn me on, even more so because other girls hate them so much. Yeah, God forbid a woman admit to enjoying sex, what if all them did that? THEN what would they use to control men?!? She's ruining EVERYTHING! I don't give a fuck what anyone says, Liza is a girl AHEAD of her time. I wish I lived about 50-100 years later when all the girls will be like her and we won't have such a repressed society. And she's BI! *drools*

I'm sorry, were you talking?
Much like Tom Liza isn't perfect, but to see all the other houseguests slandering her this week because of the lies being spread by that fuckin snake Topaz pains me. I especially loved on After Dark where Gary was talking about how he wanted to make her life so difficult in the house next week that she would leave. Yeah, bet that won't make it on the main show, it's contrary to the narrative that everyone loves Gary. Hopefully Liza can win HoH on Thursday and send Gary fuckin packin, she did really well in the Bees Knees challenge. (All I have left in this game is revenge)

Liza and Tom have made such a great pair in this game with her as the brains and Tom as the brawns, and I firmly believe that if the fuckin moron producers hadn't screwed them first with the PowerSHIT and secondly taking Emmett's HoH away they'd be dominating this game. Liza and Tom got robbed, plain and simple. If you disagree I got a big pair of hairy nuts you can suck.

It seems inevitable that she's going to be evicted some time soon, and when that happens I hope that she takes her own advice and know that this was her time and that her opportunity is waiting for her on the other side of Big Brother door. I gotta think I'm not the only one out there who is forward thinking and will want to work with her. Whatever happens I wish her the best of luck!

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Tom in better days.

So, it looks like as I feared may happen Gary has broken his word with Tom and put him and Liza up on the block. I can't say I'm surprised, so far Tom seems to be the only one in the house that actually keeps his word, just ask Andrew who would have been evicted Thursday if he hadn't. I have to admit, Topaz you had me completely fooled, as you seem to have had everyone fooled. But the good news is now you're on their radar. If there's any justice in the world (Which I know first hand there isn't) Gary would be evicted in the 2nd eviction this week and I'd get to see the look on her snake face when her husband's sorry ass is thrown out the door.

Alec has won the Power of Veto and from what I've heard him tell Gary won't use it on Tom. He lied to Tom and told him that Gary threatened to put Peter up if Alec used the POV. So much for Quattro Alec... Tom did put a target on his back but he never betrayed you like you're betraying him. Hope it's worth it buddy.

Of course none of this should have happened, the PowerSHIT was (and still is) a horrible idea and has completely changed the balance of power in the house, but hey it got ratings so who gives a fuck right? Why would Tom want to stay when the producers basically bent him over and fucked him up the ass with no lube? Emmett should be HoH right now but the whiners got their way, and then the hypocrites totally ignored Gary cheating to win his HoH. Because, as I've said already Emmettgate had nothing to do with cheating and everything to do with fucking an ally of Tom.

So it looks like the Tom haters are going to get their way. Probably on an 8-1 vote with Emmett being the lone dissenter. Congratulations shitheads, you'll have evicted a guy who keeps his word at the hands of a guy who didn't. But you assholes don't give a shit right? You'll persecute Tom until the end of time because he's sooooooo full of himself. Yeah, so full of himself he saved a guy he doesn't like, Gary, from the block and felt like his guts had been ripped out when he had to put Aneal on the block...

All I can hope for now is for the house to flip and for Liza to go, as much as I love Liza Tom is the stronger competitor and more likely to be able to exact revenge. In completely unrelated news I'm going to buy a lottery ticket...

Tom, I hope when you get out and you see all the seething, unfair hatred coming from Canada you'll find this blog and discover that there are those of us out there, while unfortunately in the minorty, who think you were a good guy and a Hell of a competitior. Hopefully you can have a Rachel Reillyesque rising from the ashes and we'll get to see you on BBCan again.

This blog will continue regardless of the outcome.

Edit: After I posted this last night I learned that Gary has been telling Tom and the house that Liza is the target when in fact his target is Tom. What a fuckin pussy this guy is, doesn't even have the courage to tell Tom he's the target like Tom did with Suzette. They want to blind side him, for what reason I don't know. POV is over it's not like Tom can do anything about it now... What a bunch of fuckin cowards.

Edit 2: Wow... now Gary and Topaz are plotting to blame all this on Emmett. I wish Canada could feel the loathing I feel for these two.

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