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3F Alliance - F**k First Five

Hi there! If you've found this page it means you want Andrew and Sabrina out of the house. Welcome to the #3F alliance, we take all comers who share our goals! 3F stands for Fuck First Five, but let's be clear here right off the bat. This doesn't mean ALL of First Five, just Andrew, Sabrina and if we need a replacement nominee Kenny.

Now look, I know some of you LOVE Kenny. I don't get it, but that's not important. If we have to vote for a replacement nominee you HAVE to vote for Kenny. Why? Because if you don't Andrew and Sabrina will flip this weak ass house and whoever else we put up against them will go home and we'll have Rachellika'd our HoH. I DO NOT want that to happen. Kenny won't go home over Andrew or Sabrina, we all know this. But we need him on the block or else we fail at getting rid of Andrew or Sabrina.

Now then, here are some tips to help you vote as much as you like.


Basically the site tracks whether you've voted or not by using cookies, which if you're not familiar are little text files that store information. These also prevent you from voting multiple times, so THEY MUST DIE! :) Also try if you can to vote in your account as it'll make your vote more valuable accoridng to whatever multiplier you're at. But the site is a real pain in the ass to get to do that so do what you can.

Edit: Ok, so it looks like I've got a way to vote multiple times with your multiplier intact. Here's what worked for me.

1 Open your private/incognito/inprivate/whatever window.
2 Go to the big brother site.
3. Sign in.
4. Vote.
5. Down to the bottom left where your profile pic is click "sign out"
6. When you're signed out close the browser.
7. Rince and repeat.

PRO TIP: I just realized that AFTER you log in in the private/incognito/whatever window you can open up all kinds of tabs to the site and vote in each of them.

So now you want to follow steps 1-3 THEN open up as many tabs as your computer can handle to and then vote in each of them then close all but one and follow steps 5-7. :D This will multiply your already multiplied voting power

Any of you who have different experiences let me know at my contact info at the bottom. GOOD LUCK!

Some ways to get rid of cookies.

#1 a Private Window in Firefox. - This is the easiest method in Firefox. Simply go to the File menu at the top of the screen, then click "New Private Window" then go vote, close the Private window, rinse and repeat.

#2 an Incognito window in Chrome. - Just like in Firefox this window lets you browse without saving cookies. For chrome you click the menu button
(the one that looks like this)  

and click "New Incognito Window" and do the same as written above for Firefox.

#3 Internet Explorer 9+ InPrivate Browsing - This one is even easier, just open IE and press CTRL+SHIFT+P. It works the same way as the Chrome and Firefox versions. If you have a lower version of IE do a Google search for private browsing and your version number.

#4 Safari - I loathe Apple with every fibre of my being, so when I actually include ANYTHING Apple related on my blog you KNOW how much I want to get rid of Andrew or Sabrina. :D Anyway, in Safari you just click on the Safari Menu and then Private Browsing.If that doesn't work search for Safari and your version number and Private Browsing on Google.

#5 Any other browsers or the above methods don't work. - Do a google search first for Private Browsing + your browser name and version number. If that turns up nothing do a search for the same but instead of private browsing search for "delete cookies" The ones you want to delete are from

3F > F5
Finally share this web page by using the address add #3F to your #BBCan2 tweets and get as many of your friends to vote this way as possible! WE CAN FLIP THIS HOUSE!

If you have any questions, comments, tips on voting, etc. please contact me @TheGr8tstManEvr, Brendan @bmcooney or @alteringpixels on Twitter.

Special thanks to Brendan Cooney of for co-founding 3F with me and for @alteringpixels who walked into the store room while Brendan and I were plotting and joined in with some great photoshop work. The hand signal in 3F comes from American Sign Language for the letter F which also looks like a 3 sign and like an OK sign (as in in OK let's get these fuckers OUT!)

Article on 3F by Co-Founder - Brendan Coomey


Monday, March 24, 2014

This Week's Poll: Who's the Biggest Threat to Kenny and Andrew?

Mobile users can vote by clicking here.

This week's poll question: Who's the biggest threat to Kenny and Andrew. For non mobile users simply make your choice to the right of this post, for mobile users who can't see the poll the link above will take you to it.

You can vote once a day until the poll ends on Thursday night.

Unfortunately this is a difficult choice because the First Five (who's de facto leaders are Kenny and Andrew) knows about all of the threats to them thanks to Sabrina. I can't stand Sabrina but I have to give her props, she's playing a FANTASTIC game. Why anyone outside Kenny and Andrew trusts her is beyond me, but this cast isn't exactly brimming with intelligence.

My best guess as to who would be the biggest threat would be Neda. As I mentioned First Five knows about her desire to make a big move and get one of Kandrew out, but the problem for them is they also know Adel and Jon want exactly the same thing and I think they would view those two as bigger threats, especially since they think Adel has the Diamond Veto.

But, who do you think can take them down? (If anyone) Early returns show you all seem to be on the same page as me with 6 votes each for Jon and Adel and 5 for Arlie. Arlie is the true wild card, I'm just praying he can bring Sarah into the fold and doesn't wait too long to turn on Kenny, Andrew an Sabrina.

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