Saturday, March 8, 2014

If you're looking for alternate ways to watch Big Brother Canada 2...

Check out Joker's Updates BBCan help forum. They helped me get access with my pathetically slow internet connection. (Cuz I got a bad case of poor right now)

If you're unlucky enough to not live in Canada but want to watch the feeds check out my dear friend Dingo's (or as I call her: Hammy) and look into gettin yourself set up with a VPN.

If you can't follow along there are many, many many (Sorry, was channeling Commandant Lassard there) places. The one I use is Joker's Updates. WARNING there are spoilers here.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Want to Watch The Sideshow but Hate Gary?

Well, you're in luck! I took the liberty of editing out as much of Gary from the first episode of Sideshow as I possibly could. So if you want to enjoy the show nearly Gary free check it out. If people like this I'll do it every week, so be sure to comment here.

Video Link

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 on Facebook - It's Paul's House, You're Just Living in It

Big Brother Canada 2, Episode 1

Wow. That's all I can really say, I didn't think Big Brother Canada could find a group of 14 houseguests and only have 1 I liked but hey, I keep underestimating them.

Who's the 1 I like? Rachelle. And really that's just because she's hot. She's the Liza of Big Brother Canada 2. (Translation from TPR speak = She's the hottest) And oh my God her in that Maple Leaf Bikini... MMMMM HMMMMM. Let's just say she had me standing on guard for thee if ya catch my drift.

I have to say that while the #FinalHG twist sucks it's not as bad as some of the possibilities I heard out there, like Canada being the last HG or my fear that it would be Gary. But this Scott guy is just as bad, and since I know how bad Canadians have been lately at voting I'm afraid we'll have a Gary 2.0 on our hands. It sucks because I'm a huge proponent of gay rights but these over the top flamers make me feel like I'm going to be portrayed as a homophobe when in actuality I just hate their personality, not the fact they like men. Aneal was gay and I thought he was the

Tonight, 10 minutes before the episode airs I'll be releasing the first episode of Big Brother Canada 2 on Facebook, I hope you'll all enjoy! It's pretty tough coming up with funny stuff when we know so little about the houseguests, but I did my best!

As far as the HOH competition was concerned I thought both Paul AND those who stepped off for him were complete morons. For Paul, good job! Way to paint a target on your back on day 1, at least Suzette didn't KNOW picking up the phone would make her HOH. And those who stepped off, did you not watch Big Brother Canada 1? Hello, Jillian and Topaz ring a bell?

Speaking of Topaz am I the only one creeped out by how much Ika looks like Topaz? I'm calling her Topaz 2.0 for the whole season.
Topaz 2.0
So, hopefully I'll get some rooting interest tonight beyond "Oh, that one's hot I'll root for her" But if I don't, no biggie. Go Rachelle!

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