Saturday, March 22, 2014

Weekly Poll Results

Apologies for the lateness of these results, been a bit under the weather the last few days, plus some real life stuff came up.

Anyway, let's take a look at the poll results.

As you can clearly see Sabrina was the big "winner" of the Least liked houseguest poll, blowing the competition away by getting more than half of the total 208 votes and beating her next closest competitor Paul by 84 votes or a staggering %40.38!

The most popular houseguests, tied at 1 least liked vote each, are Jon, Neda and Sarah, which is about what I would have expected. Heather got a lot less hate than her stature in the house would seem to indicate, adding further fuel to the mean girls theory. In fact Ika was far less popular than Heather.

It was a close race all week (plus a couple of days) for 2nd place, but Paul held on to his lead, and now that he's gone a significant segment of the population can breathe easier. Though my lovely lady Liza was sad to see him go because she liked him, I was more sad to see him go because I wanted him to go after Kandrew.

The big surprise for me in the poll is the significant level of hate for Rachelle, who got %10 of the non Sabrina vote. who really hasn't done anything of any consequence as of the last Taped "Live" eviction show, besides look incredibly hot.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the results and vote in my next poll. "Who is the biggest threat to Kenny and Andrew?"

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Eviction #3

Note: No BBCan on Facebook tonight, sorry but I've had some real life issues eat into my free time and need to decompress. Will be back on Sunday %100 unless an enormous mutant star goat eats the planet.

So, this is the first eviction of #BBCan2 where I have absolutely no clue who's going home. I have a hunch, but it's not a sure thing like the last two were. That's good in some ways and bad in others. I like the pressure it's putting on the people I can't stand in the house, but I hate the pressure it's putting on the people I like in the house.

I'm completely in the dark on most votes, but here is how I think they're going to go, couple with my degree of certainty in my prediction.


Adel - I think Adel will vote to evict Heather, I'm 99% sure of this. Only chance I see him voting to evict Paul is if he's so pissed at him and he wants to distance himself from him to the rest of the house. But given the vote is completely up in the air he couldn't know how it's going to go.

Arlie - Arlie is one of the wildcards. Unfortunately I feel like he's going to toe the F5 line and vote to evict Paul, but I'm only %60 certain of it.

Jon - Oh Jonny boy, I thought you were great until I saw how far up Kenny's ass you are. And if you're up Kenny's ass then Andrew has you by the balls whether you know it or not. I predict Jon will vote to evict Paul. I'm %80 sure of this.

Kenny - To paraphrase the infamous words of Topaz: I am %150 sure Kenny will vote to evict Paul.

Andrew - See Kenny.

Ika - I'm %99 sure Ika will vote to evict Heather if it's a tie.

Neda - I predict that Neda will vote to evict Heather, she hates Andrew and knows Andrew wants Paul gone. I'm %95 sure of this.

Rachelle - While she's beautiful, she's also a Mean Girl type and thus I believe she'll vote to evict Heather, tho since she's only said about 14 words since she came in to the house I'm only about %70 sure of this.

Sabrina - Sabrina will always sit, roll over, and do any tricks Andrew tells her to. She'll vote to evict Paul, I'm %googol sure.

Allison - See Sabrina.

Sarah - This is the one I actually have absolutely no clue about. I'm gonna predict anyway, but my certainty level is at %50.0000000000000001. I think Sarah will do the right thing in this Kobayashi Maruesque situation and vote to evict Heather. And hey, I like Heather but someone has to go after Kandrew and I think Sarah is getting sick of Kandrew's shit.

So, count these up and it looks like Paul will be evicted on a 6-4 vote. I hope I'm wrong though.

Expectations for HoH 4

There's an excellent 4 part series on PBS called "The Fabric of the Cosmos" in it I learned that while most of us think of space as empty it's actually not, space can bend and twirl and rip as if it were a fabric.

Why am I bringing this up? Because before I watched this series I might have told you that my expecations for this week's HoH were nothing, zip, zilch, nodda! But, since I now know that "nothing" doesn't actually exist I guess I'll just have to say that my expectations are lower than Sabrina's back when Andrew's feelin frisky.

Why? Because who can win that's actually going to DO anything against Kandrew? Ika can't play, but even if she could she proved she's as useless as a female stripper at Elton John's house. The 2 smartest players in the game, Arlie and Neda are going to throw it. Jon is so far up Kenny's ass the lump in Kenny's through is Jon's nose. Rachelle winning would mean another week of Mean Girls, probably focused on getting out Allison, er I mean "New Girl." Heather if she stays would probably go after Ika. Adel and Paul (if he stays) are my only hopes, and that's not much hope.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Big Brother Canada 2 on Facebook - Secret Power

My Cast Rankings So Far

So, I'm going to try to each week rank the cast in order of who I want to do well vs who I want GONE GONE GONE yesterday. (Spoiler alert: That'll probably always be Andrew until he's evicted) These aren't power rankings, they're just likability rankings.

#1 Arlie
I've liked Arlie from the beginning but I haven't been able to support him because he's part of the First Five alliance. (Or as I'm dubbing it Kandrew + 3) But I knew he was smart and thankfully he seems to realize that Kandrew are just using them and will turn on them when it suits their purpose. I also love Arlie throwing the HoH competition, it so reminded me of Dan Gheesling. He even kind of dresses like him.

The Return of The Mist?
As long as he keeps showing signs of independent thought, keeps using The Mist and keeps trashing Kandrew Arlie will be the player I want to win this game the most.

#2 Neda
Beautiful, Intelligent, and she hates Andrew. What more could a man want from a female Big Brother Canada 2 houseguest? I fear Neda is going to have an early exit because her only allies other than Jon is the girls alliance which is about as stable as Jell-o during an Earthquake, but this isn't a "who I THINK will win" ranking, it's a "Who I WANT to win" ranking. Next to Arlie, Neda is the most intelligent person who's on the good side of the house. I think she's the Luke Skywalker to Kenny's Darth Vader. (Yes, I had to make the obligatory Star Wars reference.)

#3 Jon
The #3 slot was a hard decision for me as you'll read below, but I chose Jon because next to Arlie and Neda he's got the least warts on him in this wart filled house. I think he's cool and I love how he plays the game, but he's too close to Kenny for my liking. I find that odd considering he says he hates Andrew and Kenny is always up Andrew's ass. I'm hoping he will be a part of getting Andrew out of the house, but I'm expecting resistance from him on getting Kenny out. Arlie and Neda hate both of them so they're 1-2.

# 4 Sarah
For exactly the same reason as Arlie (Membership in Kandrew + 3) I haven't been able to support Sarah. But Arlie is seemingly starting to get to her, which is great news. I debated whether or not to put Sarah in the #3 slot, but with her being so close to Sabrina I just couldn't do it, she can hurt the good forces in the house without even realizing it by giving that witch info which will go straight to Kandrew, do not pass Go do not collect $200.Still, I love Sarah. I'm a sucker for redheads, especially those of the fake variety and she has the most perfect eyes I've ever seen. What the Hell does that have to do with Big Brother? Nothing, I'm just a Big Brother groupie is all. See Stinton, Liza for more.

#5 Rachelle
Rachelle either is a hot chick who's got no brains or the best actor since Daniel Day-Lewis, but the pickins are so slim in this house she's in the top 5 just by default. She's part of the Mean Girls crew and I can't stand that, I know you're young doll but jeeze this isn't Jr. High anymore. I really don't have much good to say about her other than her looks because she's done jack shit in the house.

#6 Heather
I personally find Heather's voice kind of annoying, but it's not like she does it intentionally. I don't think she's a very good player and I don't think she's very smart, so she's just kind of here because the people further down the list I have bigger and bigger beefs with.

#7 Kenny
I don't like Kenny. He rubbed me the wrong way (figuratively speaking) with his pretending to be straight so he could manipulate the girls and he's taken up permanent residence up Andrew's ass pretty much since day one. Also he's part of the self-anointed leadership of Kandrew + 3. So why is he so high? Simple, because he's actually PLAYING THE GAME. Unlike the people lower down on the list Kenny is smart and really knows what he's doing in the game. He was the one who convinced King Andrew to get rid of a bigger threat rather than play with emotion. As much as I hate to say it I think he's one of the big favorites to win, unless the house can flip and Kandrew finds themselves in danger.

#8 Adel
Adel also rubbed me the wrong way from day 1, hence all the Facebook comics of the other houseguests hating him. But he's #8 because he hates Kandrew. He hasn't really done anything in the game, and even though he said that he knows Canada wants him to make a move given his winning of the #Buzzworthy challenge he's now saying he'll only use it to protect himself. So, much like Allison we put our faith in him and he let us down. The only good news is since he's changed his story 47 times since he won I honestly have no fuckin idea what his power does and if he's just bullshitting about not using it. Hopefully he uses whatever it is to target Kandrew. Still, I have to give him props for keeping people in the dark about what his power does, but I wish he'd go into a room alone and look up at the cameras and at least tell Canada.

#9 Paul
Like most of this cast, I don't like Paul. But, he hates Andrew and so do I so we have that common bond. Also as an obese gentleman myself I can at least sympathize with his plight, but still he volunteered for this show, I'd never be so stupid. He has had a couple of entertaining moments like the fake TV show, but not enough for him to get out of the bottom tier.

#10 Ika
I had real hope in Ika, real hope. And that was squashed when she nominated Heather and Paul. I got a faint glimmer back when she won veto, thinking this was the best chance to get Kenny or Andrew out of the house, but then she didn't use it so my hopes were dashed. Ika also pisses me off because she's so wishy washy, you never know what she's going to do because honest to God I think even she doesn't know. Also she's the ring leader of the Mean Girls alliance and is playing with emotion and not playing the best game. Her HoH could have been so amazing, instead she shit all over Canada's hopes.

#11 Allison
Oh Allison... you broke my heart. I was so excited when all the indications looked like you were going to beat Gary 2.0 and creepy eyes and get into the house and start makin some moves and start raising Hell! I mean here was a superfan of the game, someone who knew all the angles and would bring another Arlie like presence into the house. I was THRILLED you got the opportunity, and your very first move in the house, playing dumb when all the houseguests asked you why you were late, was a sight to behold. Absolutely BRILLIANT stuff...

And then this happened...

Can you taste the boogers?
Ok, so let me get this straight... You've been watching this game since you were 11 years old, you've been literally waiting YEARS for this opportunity. You go into the war room and get a chance to watch what's going on in the house, albeit without sound, you get voted in BY CANADA to go in and make some moves and shake this house up. Oh, and let's not forget YOU'VE SEEN ANDREW PICK HIS NOSE AND EAT IT, and you go into the house and hook up with the biggest asshole in there and then laze around like you're on vacation?!? To say Allison was a disappointment would be the understatement of all Big Brother Canada history. That'd be like saying Gary is a little eccentric, or Tom is got a slightly bad edit. I so wanted to root for you Allison, I so wanted you to be the female Arlie. Instead I got Eva Braun...

#12 Sabrina
As I've said before every time I watch Sabrina on the feeds or on the show I feel like I need to go get tested for STIs. She's in love with Andrew and Kenny, the two people in the house I can stand the least, she is everywhere and funnels information back to them, she cries so often I'm beginning to think she'll die if she doesn't cry at least once a day and she's just creepy. I'm not alone either, in my weekly poll of who's the least favorite houseguest so far she's gotten %52 of the vote. The next least liked? Paul with %12. That ladies and gentleman is called a landslide.

#13 Andrew
Ahhhh, self appointed King Andrew, who oddly enough is like Tom in a lot of ways, but without the redeeming qualities that make Tom so awesome. I very highly doubt that if someone made an Andrew Gordon Rules he's treat that person anywhere near as well as Tom has treated me. This guy is so full of himself I think he might explode. He loooooves the sound of his own voice, he's a bully, he's got total control of this house through intimidation and he's generally a meathead. If he wins Big Brother Canada I'm going to become a Bond villain and make it my mission to destroy all human life on Earth.

Fun With Photoshop - Andrew's Greatest Love

So, Andrew had a "I Heart Bangkok" shirt on, but I felt that it didn't suit him, so I changed it to something more appropriate for his personality...

Monday, March 17, 2014

My Absolutely, Completely, Totally, UNOFFICIAL Results of the #BuzzWorthy Contest

Methodology: So, basically what I did was set up my laptop with a search on Twitter for each of the hashtags and then just let it sit there. As you know Twitter will keep telling you how many tweets have built up since you last refreshed, so I just didn't refresh. I started late so it's not %100 accurate but it'll give an idea who the contenders are.

Then I checked Instagram at 11pm Eastern and copied down those results, added em up and voila!

So here are the results in order of total votes I captured.

Adel...................516 Instagram, 2169 Twitter = 2685
Jon...................1117 Instagram, 1405 Twitter = 2522

Heather..............216 Instagram, 1487 Twitter = 1703
Kenny.................703 Instagram, 885 Twitter = 1588
Allison................638 Instagram, 411 Twitter = 1049
Sarah..................377 Instagram, 477 Twitter = 854

Neda...................353 Instagram, 458 Twitter = 811
Arlie....................467 Instagram, 342 Twitter = 809
Rachelle..............285 Instagram, 204 Twitter = 489
Ika.....................270 Instagram, 172 Twitter = 442

Andrew..............273 Instagram, 79 Twitter = 352
Paul...................114 Instagram, 194 Twitter = 308
Sabrina..............146 Instagram, 142 Twitter = 288

As you can see Adel and Jon are neck and neck with Heather and Kenny within striking distance. Allison is an outside chance if there were A LOT of early votes I didn't manage to capture on Twitter.

Some of the more interesting results for me are how amazingly Heather did on Twitter and how poorly she did on Instagram. I'll have to look at her video to see what was so bad about it. I'm also surprised at how poorly Neda did. I think it would have been a lot better for her if she'd had more time post Nomination episode, she made a great impression on a lot of people in that episode including me.

The bottom 3 correlate to my weekly poll of who your least favorite houseguest is. I'm disappointed Andrew didn't finish last, but he did have the worst showing on Twitter with a paltry 79 tweets compared to Adel's 2169 and was a little more than half as much as the next lowest Sabrina's 142. Unless Big Brother is rigging this he won't be getting the power.

So now the question becomes what the power will be? My big hope is that it's either the power to evict one of the other houseguests immediately, and Adel or Heather wins it and uses it on Andrew, or it's a Diamond Power of Veto and Adel uses it to take Heather off the block and put Andrew up. Jon seemed to be wrapped around Kandrew's finger in tonight's episode, but there was his "Toolbox" comment from last week, so I don't know what to think of him. The moral of this story is I can't be %100 sure that Jon would vote Andrew out.

Time, as the wise man said, will tell.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to Tom Plant Rules

So, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the day I started Tom Plant Rules. What a crazy year it's been.

God willing, if this mostly terrible cast of season 2 doesn't drive me to drink I'll be here next year to celebrate as well.

I'd like to thank some of the people who've helped make TPR a success. Firstly, of course, the man, the legend, the one and only Tom Plant. Without whom there would be no Tom Plant Rules, at most it would just be called "Rules" which wouldn't make any sense at all. Tom has been quite simply the most gracious subject a fan could ever ask for. He's never once said no to me, even when I've asked for crazy shit. He raves about the Big Brother Canada on Facebook comics, he retweets every one I send him and he showed he can enjoy fun being poked at himself with my "Tom's Ego" and "Tom's Integrity" characters. Also he was super gracious in granting my piddly little blog an interview after he was unjustly evicted last year. I wish all of Canada could see the side of him I have. Thanks Tom, you're the best.

Secondly, Tom's nomance/showmance the beautiful, intelligent and kind Liza Stinton. Despite what her edit showed Liza is a wonderful person who's using her celebrity to do good work. (See my Liza Charity post from yesterday) She also puts up with my crazy fandom and blatant digital lust for her :D  Liza's never said an unkind word to me and always helped me out. So thank you Liza, your fans know what a great person you are.

Next I'd like to thank Dingo at @Hamsterwatch on twitter or Dingo (or hammy as I call her) has been extremely kind to me and helped an up and coming blogger find an audience for his silly comic creations. She's taught me about Big Brother history and kept me from going nuts with this mostly terrible cast this season. She's a fantastically nice person and I'm happy this project has given me the chance to know her.

Next I'd like to thank the creators of NFL QBs Talkin on Facebook at who I pretty much stole the idea for Big Brother Canada on Facebook from. :D These guys created hilarious NFL themed Facebook chats and they were the inspiration for me to do what I did. If you are an NFL fan please check them out.

And finally, I'd like to thank ALL of the people who have visted my site in the last year. According to Blogger I've had over 15,000 page views since the blog began, and I hope each and every one of you enjoyed my highly opinionated posts or my goofy pictures, videos and comics. Here's to another year of the same support. :)

Big Brother Canada 2 on Facebook - Hit 'er Up

Bonus. (Explicit Lyrics)

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