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#GaryCheated - Gary and Topaz colluded to make him HoH

While checking the updates at JokersUpdates as well as Big Brother Buzz last night and today I noticed that they had both mentioned that during their conversation Gary and Topaz admitted that they had shared information with each other in the HoH competition that resulted from EmmettGate.

Here's the video of them discussing it, orginally captured by Dreamer of JokersUpdates (1:54)

Emmett was stripped of HoH and Alec was punished with a third week of Have-not status in part because Alec helped Emmett by putting balls into Emmett's container instead of his own. So of course the revelation that Topaz and Gary cheated will evoke a similar outrage on the internet right? Big Brother didn't seem to give a shit about the cheating in the Diary Room except to point out how stupid Topaz was... Yeah, stupid like a Fox. We all know they wouldn't have done anything about EmmettGate if the whiners hadn't risen up, so I'll just sit back and wait for justice to be served.

*taps feet* tap. tap. tap. tap. tap. tap.

Oh what, no outrage? Of course not. I believe EmmettGate was never about the fact that Emmett cheated it was the fact that he is a member of Tom's alliance and the majority of people (%55 according to the PowerSHIT) hate Tom for some reason.

So, I'm not expecting any outrage on this, simply because Gary is popular and Tom isn't, so why am I posting this? Because I like pointing out hypocrisy. However feel free to prove me wrong by demanding Gary be deposed as Emmett was. (Holds Breath)

The Topaz and Gary Show

Firstly I have to say, absolutely FANTASTIC work by Dreamer of JokersUpdates for capturing all this video, Dreamer, you're almost as awesome as Tom! Coming from this site that's high praise!

Below we have a 12 video playlist, totalling almost 3 hours of Topaz and Gary plotting last night. Who needs After Dark when we've got Dreamer? Enjoy.

Gary's HoH Reign So Far...

Since Gary won HoH he's changed his mind on who he's going to nominate a grand total of 6,417,969 times. I think he's so confused he's even thrown his own name out there a couple of times because he's so used to being on the block.

Now it seems that Topaz, who I'm beginning to loathe as most people loathe Liza, has called in her Secret Wedding alliance with Gary to basically become Emmett to his Jillian. Got that? Me neither.

The current smart money seems to be on Tom and Liza going on the block, however Gary, unlike Topaz, has some morals and has seemed hesitant to nominate Tom because of the deal they made last week. I wonder if people would turn on Gary if he broke his word with Tom just like they would have hated Tom if he broke his word on Gary... NAH! Cuz everyone hates Tom and loves Gary so it's OK for Gary to be evil...

If Liza does end up going on the block and going home I think it would be hilarious that after all the bitching and moaning about Emmett cheating to win HoH the person he wanted gone ends up going anyway. LOLS.

I did like Gary's Godfatheresque meeting one on one with all of the houseguests to get their opinion. Until Topaz started pulling the strings he was displaying classic Picard style command techniques.

Elsewhere in the BBCan house Peter is reportedly crestfallen because apparently Topaz has convinced him that Liza was just using him. Topaz doesn't give a fuck about Peter, Topaz is so stupid she doesn't even give a fuck about Topaz, Topaz gives a fuck about Gary.
From JokersUpdates
Peter "Basically you're telling me Liza is using me, it happens to me in my normal life" his face was horrible, fallen.
Topaz told Peter "I think you're in a secret alliance with Liza, you don't think we see you sneaking off with her?"
Peter saying "I'm stupid, a loser" after talking to Topaz & Alec. Alec told him no one trusts him anymore.
Peter "Liza used me, I told her I've only had sex w/ one girl in my whole life, she talked intellectual w/ me. I feel played"
Gary: "Liza is a snake bitch, can't believe she's doing this to Peter, he's so sweet will find a nice girl"
Topaz is saying Peter is on board & knows Liza is untrustworthy. He feels so bad, went to DR & wanted to leave, smash things.
Peter told Topaz: "I'm always the friend, girls just use me after they break up with their boyfriend, then they get a new one"
Topaz saying how defeated Peter feels about Liza. The one girl he slept with, was a spray tanning girl too & she cheated on him.
I'm hoping (Praying really) that this is just Peter trying to get sympathy and that he's really Ok, he's my favorite person in the BBCan house. (Even though this blog is named after Tom) But I know that nothing on this planet can fuck a man's mind worse than a woman. Fuck PTSD try PMSD. Still, I haven't seen or heard Liza do anything to him, and she did admit in the privacy of the Diary room, where she'd have little reason to lie, that she thought Peter was one of the most interesting people she'd ever met... Hope springs eternal Peter's heart isn't really broken. This is why I was worried about him before.

Double Eviction Primer

Well, we're having a double eviction this week on Big Brother Canada, so I figured I'd take some time to research (and then pass on) how Double Evictions work for those of you out there like me who are n00bs to Big Brother. If anyone out there is a Big Brother vet and can expand on the post please feel free in the comments.

From the info I've gathered double evictions usually go one of two ways. They of course start with an eviction of one of the two current nominees and then the next Head of Household competition is held. However after that they've either had a Power of Veto and a ceremony or just gone straight on to the next eviction, in this scenario the 2 nominees would essentially be backdoored.

Either way after the second eviction the show usually ends and the new HoH competition is held after the show ends, so we'd have to wait until the feeds come back to know who won. Then someone would probably complain about cheating and they'd hold it again...

PowerSHIT Results

Wow, it was closer than I thought. Suzette was saved by a %55 to %45 decision. Big props to the %45 of Canadians (and Americans who know how to use a VPN) who have a fucking clue. Gives me hope that I'm not as alone as I thought.

To the rest of you, you'd better fuckin recognize how awesome Tom is or find your sorry asses in HELL. That's right I said it bitches, go re-read the Bible, book of Exodus Chapter 20 verses 1-17:

1. I am Tom the Lord thy God, Thou shalt have no other gods before me.
2. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven images of anyone other than Tom.
3. Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord Tom thy God in vain.
4. Remember Tom's Birthday, and to keep it holy.
5. Honour Tom's father and Mother.
6. Thou shalt not kill Tom's buzz.
7. Thou shalt not commit adultery, unless it's with Tom.
8. Thou shalt not steal Tom's satisfaction at evicting Suzette.
9. Thou shalt not bear false witness against Tom.
10. Thou shalt not covet Tom's Head of Household.

The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Well, after all the whiny bitches got sand in their collective vaginas and screeched like the bitches they are about Emmett cheating in the HoH competition Big Brother Canada showed they have exactly zero balls and Gary apparently won the new HoH. Congratulations pussies, you got your wish.

TPR got an exclusive photo of an actual EmmettGate whistle-blower

Now, as far as Gary being HoH I'm not completely horrified by it, I just don't like the way it went down, just like the PowerSHIT. I would have had no problem with the PowerSHIT if they had told the Houseguests about it before the nominations began. I also firmly believe they chose to do it this week because they know most morons out there hate Tom and they could get cheap ratings. But hey, what do you expect from an organization that brings a major show to Canada and then puts it on a network with no HD feed...

Now the whiners out there know they can just bitch and moan and get their way whenever they want. Nice job BBCan... You and the cunnys who bitched slapped you into caving in are a disgrace to this country. I was hoping finally we had a mainstream Canadian TV show that didn't blow.

All the cheaters were made have-nots too... Maybe if you morons had a game where it wasn't so fuckin easy to cheat... Amateur hour...

Anyway, watching the live feed right now it sounds like Liza is pulling a Kat and self-destructing. Yeah, I don't know who Kat is either I dunno where that came from. Also from the live feed I heard from AJ that the new competition may have been a True/False contest, but that's obviously unconfirmed.

Some info for this story was gathered from JokersUpdates, wanna make sure to give proper credit, they do great work.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Emmett Plans to Backdoor Liza

In this video (with horrible audio, which has become a hallmark of BBCan) posted to JokersUpdates Emmett discusses his plan to backdoor Liza with Alec.

I'm torn on this, because I love Liza, she's so sexy and such a free spirit that I admire her greatly, on the other hand I'm not thrilled about how she reacted to Aneal being evicted. I didn't like seeing Aneal go either, but she was right up in Tom's grill about it. She did have a point in that Tom did let himself be manipulated by Emmett, but come on the guy had the better part of 3 minutes to make his decision. (Thanks again for that Chevrolet PowerSHIT) Also if you wanted a say where the fuck were you when Tom went into the storage room? You should have followed his ass in there and made your voice heard! I also didn't think she was dumb enough to make herself a target like she has this week, but...

In the end, it's bros before hoes for me. I'm stickin with Quattro. I think Tom will be a much better player with Liza out of the house. I am worried about Peter though, Liza has an array of feminine charms and I'm hoping he doesn't end up thinking with the wrong head. This season has definitely become a Boys vs. Girls season. Hopefully the best gender, boys, wins. :D

Edit: Of course this will all be moot if BBCan does the idiotic and strips Emmett of HoH.


Wow, this is so fucking stupid. First Canada votes to save Suzette, the most annoying houseguest in the game (In what I'm calling the Chevrolet PowerSHIT) because they hate Tom, and now that Tom's ally Emmett wins HoH they start screeching like whiny bitches with their panties in a bunch because Emmett cheated.

Man, this is right up there with the Zapruder Film...

Wait, he CHEATED? OH MY GOD! Here's what I think we should do about this travesty of justice!

Firstly, there should be no more competitions. Canada should just vote on everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. When a houseguest has to take a shit they should have to ask Big Brother and then Canada gets to vote whether they'll be allowed to use the bathroom or not.

Secondly, Emmett, Tom, and Liza should be punished by being evicted and sent to Guantánamo where a 24/7 live feed is set up so people can watch them suffer, because hey that's what Canada wants right? I bet Canada would get a massive collective hard on at the thought of Tom getting water boarded. And Liza's a slut because she actually has an independent thought every now and then and women in our society just hate that, so off she goes. And Emmett cheated so he deserves to be tortured for the rest of his life right? Seems only fair.

And finally, Suzette should be given permanent HoH and should be able to bring her kids into the house, so the live feeds contain nothing but 24/7 baby crying sounds so the whiners on Twitter can have something they can relate to. Their diapers should be sent to Gitmo to serve as mattresses for the evil 3.

Obviously I'm being sarcastic (Though probably not so obvious to the idiots who want HoH overturned) Could you imagine if every single competition in our society had this kind of scrutiny? I'm a Patriots fan so I can tell you first hand we'd be at least 2 Super Bowls richer if it wasn't for shitty officiating, so GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

Now BBCan posted on their Facebook that because there's "so much going on in the house" the Live Feeds will be down the rest of the day and there will be no After Dark broadcast tonight. Which most likely means they're going to redo the HoH. Thanks a lot assholes, it's not like anyone enjoyed watching those things anyway... I hope you all get gonorrhoea.


Greetings Tom fans! What's that? You didn't think Tom had any fans? Well you're wrong Sally HE DOES and I'M ONE OF THEM!

Tom has gotten a bad rap from day one on BBCan and I'm sick of it, so I'm fighting back with this blog. I invite you to join me. I also invite all the Tom haters to come and comment on my posts so us Tom fans can laugh at how stupid you are, don't be shy!

WHY do I think Tom is awesome? Let me count the ways. He's the best physical competitor in the house, he's honest, (or at least what passes for honest in a Big Brother house) he keeps his word whenever he can, (He could have used last night's twist to his advantage and evict Andrew, but he said he couldn't because he gave him his word) he keeps his cool when he's provoked, (i.e. Suzette calling him a fucking redneck) he's loyal to his allies, he's a gentleman to his girl, Liza, he has a great sense of humour, he accepted Suzette's apology after she slandered him on national television! (Mother of God if that had have been me I would have told her to drop dead.) He loves his Mom (who's going through breast cancer which I can relate to as I lost my sister to Cancer) I mean I think he's a good guy! People on the net talk about him like he's Hitler's evil nephew who even Hitler was like "God, that kid is so evil it makes me sick." and I'm sick of it!

Is Tom perfect? FUCK NO! He's full of himself and cocky, and gets a bit too amed up at times but he's young. How many of us 30+ somethings were pillars of society at his age? Tom's not even my favorite houseguest, Peter is. But the attacks on Tom pissed me off so much I created this blog.

As for this blog it's not going to be simply a Tom based blog, it'll also be my opinions about Big Brother Canada, which in the end are the only ones that matter.

In conclusion, I'm right about Tom and you whiny bitches who don't like him are wrong. Quattro FTW bitches!

Class dismissed.

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