Saturday, March 16, 2013

#GaryCheated - Gary and Topaz colluded to make him HoH

While checking the updates at JokersUpdates as well as Big Brother Buzz last night and today I noticed that they had both mentioned that during their conversation Gary and Topaz admitted that they had shared information with each other in the HoH competition that resulted from EmmettGate.

Here's the video of them discussing it, orginally captured by Dreamer of JokersUpdates (1:54)

Emmett was stripped of HoH and Alec was punished with a third week of Have-not status in part because Alec helped Emmett by putting balls into Emmett's container instead of his own. So of course the revelation that Topaz and Gary cheated will evoke a similar outrage on the internet right? Big Brother didn't seem to give a shit about the cheating in the Diary Room except to point out how stupid Topaz was... Yeah, stupid like a Fox. We all know they wouldn't have done anything about EmmettGate if the whiners hadn't risen up, so I'll just sit back and wait for justice to be served.

*taps feet* tap. tap. tap. tap. tap. tap.

Oh what, no outrage? Of course not. I believe EmmettGate was never about the fact that Emmett cheated it was the fact that he is a member of Tom's alliance and the majority of people (%55 according to the PowerSHIT) hate Tom for some reason.

So, I'm not expecting any outrage on this, simply because Gary is popular and Tom isn't, so why am I posting this? Because I like pointing out hypocrisy. However feel free to prove me wrong by demanding Gary be deposed as Emmett was. (Holds Breath)

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