Friday, April 12, 2013

Congratulations Gary, You're the Winner of Big Brother Canada!

I don't like Gary, but as a classy guy I'd like to be among the first to congratulate him on winning Big Brother Canada, Season 1. Congratulations Gary!

"But wait!" you say, "The show's not over yet!" Yeah, it actually is. Before Gary was evicted I thought the producers were rigging it so that he won and when he was evicted I thought I must have been wrong. Yeah, I should have stuck with my gut.

"But... but Canada gets to vote!" Yeah, about that. #1 Who the fuck do you think Canada is going to vote for? Everyone loves the guy for reasons that escape me. People are so fucking stupid. I can not believe I'm the same species as you people. Now I know how Liza felt when she talked about being smarter than all the other houseguests. Except for me it's THE WHOLE FUCKING COUNTRY! #2 Even if they didn't vote him back in the producers would just say that he got the most votes and put him back in anyway.

I feel bad for the other 14 houseguests who thought they were playing an honest game, what a waste of their time. I hope they all manage to make the best of it. I feel especially bad for Andrew who thought he was going to actually be able to evict this childish moron and have him stay gone. What a fuckin joke this show is... Makes me want to vomit that the worst Big Brother of them all is the Canadian version.

This show makes a North Korean election look like a model of transparency. I'm going to finish this season even though I know the result and then I'm done with Big Brother Canada. I don't want to support a show this fuckin sleazy. If I did I'd watch Real Housewives of Vancouver.

Fuck you BBCan producers, fuck you up your stupid asses.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Boys Will Be Boys

I watched this last night on Big Brother Canada After Dark and thought it was so funny I had to share. The boys (Emmett, Andrew and Alec) having a water noodle fight. Guess the booze really kicked in, lol.

I particularly like it when Andrew starts choking out Emmett and then Emmett turns the tables on him and dunks him under the water and later they joke about how BB didn't give them an "Emmett, stop that" and and Alec goes "Emmett, don't stop! finish him!" All the while Peter just looks on in enjoyment. Good times.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Where's Tom?

Jillian's HoH task coupled with the sheer terror the houseguests experienced when they thought the awesome one might be returning to the house inspired me to create Where's Tom. It'll appear in place of BBCan on Facebook until the project I'm working on for it is done.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Coup De'Tom

There were some big doins in the Big Brother Canada house Sunday night, we know now all thanks to our good friend Peter.

He was given a task to make the houseguests think that Tom was coming back into the house, and boy did he succeed. I knew Tom couldn't come back as a player since he wasn't sequestered, but I was hoping to see him back to host a challenge or something along those lines. Alas those hopes were dashed, at least for now.

Above is a cut of the After Dark episode that featured the drama, starting from when Topaz and Talla hilariously react to finding Tom's picture is no longer in black and white. You may want to turn the volume down as their screaming is a bit loud. LOL. I feel bad for poor Emmett, tryin to get him some of that sweet sweet Jillian in the shower and those two run in screaming as if, like Emmett says later, "The house is burning down and we have 2 minutes to get out."

Andrew was probably the most upset by it. He was a flippin bye! I think Alec had the best line of the whole thing. He was in the shower when Topaz and Talla come in screaming the news and says "Big Brother can I request a Lock for the Shower door?" I'm a Tom fan but even I thought that was funny.

It was also nice to see all the haters on Twitter freak out, one idiot even said if Tom came back in he'd firebomb the house... Psycho...

Monday, April 8, 2013

We Are The 20 Percent

Lovely lady Liza has a YouTube channel, and in her first video she said "I have been asked by my fans, yes all 5 of them..."

So I created this so we who love her would have a rallying cry against the haters.

Please join with me and append #WeAreThe20Percent to any of your tweets regarding Liza and/or if you care to Big Brother Canada. We love ya Liza!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

No BBCan on Facebook Tonight

My apologies to all, I had a really great idea for BBCan on Facebook but I just didn't get around to it. Just had a rough day today with life stuff, but it'll be Ok. No excuses.

The one I'm working on is the most ambitious yet and requires a lot more work than the run of the mill cartoon, but I promise it'll be worth the wait.

Thanks for your understanding... BAHAHAHAH J/K I ain't goin all @BigBrotherCA cuttin the live feeds on ya. ;)

TPR Interviews the Man Himself, Tom Plant

A few days ago TPR approached Tom on Twitter about granting an interview and he was super gracious in doing so, being made fully aware how small this site is. I'm extremely thankful to Tom for doing this as it's a real thrill to interview the subject of my fan blog.

A small disclaimer, I promised Tom that I would present his words completely unedited, except for grammar, punctuation and spelling. The questions are also copied verbatim so you can see exactly what was asked for context. The only editing done is the aforementioned spell/punctuation/grammar check and some formatting for the site (questions bolded) and me adding TPR: and Tom: to the start of each paragraph.

I also gave Tom the option to refuse to answer any questions he was unwilling or unable to answer, as you'll see the only ones he chooses not to answer are the ones he's contractually obligated not to.

Without further adieu, the man himself. Tom Plant.

TPR: I know you've had plenty of forum to speak but I want to give you carte blanche to say anything you want to say and rest assured it'll be copied and pasted letter for letter with no editing except for spelling/grammar/punctuation (as will all your answers) cuz I know how much you hate a bad edit. ;)

Tom: Hahaha no kidding! Thanks :)

TPR: The incident with Talla passing out drunk had just happened tonight as I write this. You were upset that this happened on Twitter, would you like to comment on it?

Tom: It is extremely upsetting to me that the majority of the houseguests laughed at and taunted Talla, everyone knows that Talla is a little off, (in a cute way) but she was obviously drinking to suppress some inner emotional suffering. I am so happy that Peter acted like a true gentleman, Finally!

TPR: What was your favorite part about the actual house itself, like your favorite room or thing about it?

Tom: My single most favorite thing about the Big Brother house would have to be the HOH room, when is was mine of course. This is when I got to know Liza on a more personal level. Of course the hammock wasn't all that bad either. The workout equipment sucked, and the Hot tub was filthy.

TPR: At the front door it looks like there's a bit of a ways until you get to the door that leads out into the studio where Arisa Cox hosts. Can you describe it? I know it's probably not a pleasant memory so feel free to ignore that one. I'm just curious.

Tom: It is actually just a single hallway with a 90 degree turn into the live studio audience, the walk of shame.

TPR: In the hot tub area can you see the sky up above you, what's up there?

Tom: The hot tub area is completely open. FRESH AIR FINALLY!! You can see the sky, but not the stars at night unfortunately.

TPR: It seemed like the houseguests weren't provided with an accurate clock or the one that was there was constantly being changed. Did that bother you or any of your fellow houseguests?

Tom: That is true, there was no accurate clock. The Microwave and Oven timers were changed consistently and it was very difficult on myself and my fellow houseguests to keep track of time. We used the view of the sun outside to try and get some sort of grip on the time.

TPR: What color is the ceiling in the back yard area? Is it painted to look like the sky?

Tom: There are multiple 'cloud like' panels that display different colors depending on the time of day. Other than that, we can only see the inner roof of the warehouse.

TPR: Were the walls leading to the hot tub area as ugly in person as they are on TV?

Tom: YES!!! But, that's where I had some of my closest moments with Liza. Man I miss that girl, my girl.

TPR: Rank the remaining houseguests from who you want to win the most to who you want to win the least. (Editor's note at the time the interview was given Gary had not yet been evicted)

Tom: Most to least: Jillian, Emmett, Talla, Andrew, Peter, Alec, Gary, Topaz.

TPR: What do you think had a bigger impact on your downfall, The Powershift or Emmett's HoH being stripped away?

Tom: Emmett’s HoH being Stripped. Yes he would have probably went after LIZA, but I'm certain I could have gotten him to put up Gary and Andrew. Once a Cheater, always a cheater ;) kidding.

TPR: If Liza hadn't been in the house which of the girls would you have been most likely to have formed a showmance/nomance with?

Tom: Good question, and my honest answer is NONE. The other girls are not my type, If anything I would have had a nomance with myself, but eventually I'd still put out hahaha.

TPR: I think we already know how you feel about the viewers effecting the gameplay, but what do you think about the viewers being able to choose which rewards and punishments the houseguests will get?

Tom: I'm totally okay with the viewers picking reward and punishment. I think it's horrible to let viewers have a game move decision because it becomes way too personal. Viewers aren't in the game, they should not have such strong control. Saving Suzette made everyone in the house realize that BBC and Canada has way more control than I ever did. BLAST!!!

TPR: Did you learn after Emmett initially won HoH that he planned to target Liza and if so how long after?

Tom: EMMETT lied to me, again... He said "I'm going to put up Suzette and Talla." That guy has ZERO street credit when it comes to having your bro's back and keeping your word. DOWNFALL!!! He knew I was leaving the whole time. All he told me was "Keep it classy."

TPR: They shut the live feeds down before the competitions start, so as fans we don't get to see what happens. Can you tell us what happens in the time leading up to the competitions?

Tom: We get changed in the bedroom. Also, were are on lockdown until the comp is ready to begin, It takes hours.

TPR: Did anyone in production ever explain why you weren't allowed to talk about Production?

Tom: Haha yes, and sorry but I can't talk about production.

TPR: What do you think is your greatest strength and greatest weakness as a Big Brother player?

Tom: Strength: I was a physical threat, people liked me, that causes jealousy and insecurity. Weakness: Integrity and honesty beat out any weakness. :)

TPR: You indicated that you have seen Tom Plant Rules, what do you think of it? Are there any posts or parts you don't agree with? :D


TPR: Given that you have a strong moral compass if you were given the chance to go back and redo this experience knowing what you know now, would you be willing to lie to and backstab your fellow competitors? Or, would you stick to your morals knowing it would probably cost you the game?

Tom: I would stick to my morals. I would have just put more trust into myself and played a solo game. I would have also kissed Liza more openly. ;)

TPR: Having now seen the show what would you say is your favorite moment from it that didn't involve yourself?

Tom: Topaz being shown and Gary crying about slop haha about time BBC shows their true colors.

TPR: I know that the flashing incident involving Alec has been beaten to death so I won't go into it much. But in the show we see you call Alec a fucking dick right after the incident. #1 did it indeed happen right after the incident or was that an editing trick? And #2 if it did happen right after why did you say that to him? What was the reason?

Tom: I did call him that right after, but it was edited to look bad. They didn't show Andrew and I high fiving either. I called him a fucking dick as a joke. Just like Gary calls everyone a BITCH. We don't mean it, but it slips out. I can't stress enough how BAD I feel about the situation. It was a silly prank that went horribly wrong. I have forgiven myself, that is all that matters.

TPR: Do you feel that production exhibited favoritism toward any houseguest in terms of preference on who wins, and if so who and why do you believe so?

Tom: Sorry, I won't go there. :)

TPR: I understand this might be a difficult question so please feel free to not answer, but if you choose can you take us through the immediate aftermath of your eviction, specifically finding out how you were negatively viewed by a lot of the fans, and how you coped with that. Did production offer you any assistance in that regard? I would assume Liza helped you through it as well.

Tom: I was more upset with the fact that I FAILED, that I did not win. For every one person that hates me, I have 10 people that love me. My family, friends and Liza are the only people that matter to me. If I have hurt them in any way, I will feel ashamed. I do feel ashamed.

TPR: You've been portrayed by some of your detractors as a homophobe, from watching your interviews I can see it's a subject that really bothers you. However Aneal is gay and you called him a good friend when you were forced to put him on the block, can you tell us a bit about your friendship with him so that readers can see you're not the monster your detractors have made you out to be?

Tom: I could care less what people think. The proof is out there. I am not a homophobe. One love y'all. Aneal is a wonderful kid, I respect and enjoy spending time with him. Thats it.

TPR: People have pointed to your interview with Murtz Jaffer as showing the “Real Tom and Liza” in which you both honestly seemed a bit bitter about why you were evicted. interviews since then have shown a much more laid back Tom and Liza and I'm wondering if it was because it was so soon after your eviction and finding out you'd been portrayed as the villains that you had such a bad taste in your mouth from the experience?

Tom: That is exactly what it was, Liza and I really don't give a fuck when it comes to holding back; We are strong, emotional and honest people. If people can't take the strong words they shouldn't watch.

TPR: You mentioned that your game got blown up on night one when Suzette put you up on the block, if that hadn't happened how would you have liked to play? Would you have thrown competitions like Peter and Alec? Would you have tried to stay under the radar? Also did that actually happen on night one because I'm pretty sure I heard you guys were in the house for a while before the show actually started.

Tom: Yes that happened night one, and I would never play a game like Alec and Peter. I’m a competitor. That is that :)

TPR: Knowing what you know now about how twists can happen at any time do you think the strategy of using a pawn is still the best play or do you think it's better to nominate 2 players you want out so that you at least get one?

Tom: You never know what is going to happen. It's best to stick to your gut and throw 2 people you want out onto the block.

TPR: If you had to choose between winning HoH or POV which would you choose and why?

Tom: I would choose the POV, it guarantees your safety and you don't have the obligation to nominate people.

TPR: If there is ever a Big Brother Canada All Stars would you like to play?

Tom: I'd love to.

TPR: You've mentioned that Jeff is your favorite Big Brother player, can you explain why?

Tom: We are very similar people. Athletic, charismatic and loyal to our lady.

TPR: What is your favorite moment in Big Brother history, not including Big Brother Canada?

Tom: Not sure on that one.

TPR: The Tom and Liza show was a big hit with your fans and even converted some haters over to the good side. Was that the most fun you had with Liza in the house? If not what was?

Tom: Yes! The most fun. That is the real us.

TPR: You mentioned Friends is your favorite TV show, what's your favorite moment from it? What other TV shows/Movies/Books/Music do you like?

Tom: I could not mention all my favorite Friends moments, there are way too many. And, I like all good music.

TPR: I believe I heard Liza say you were a Tragically Hip fan as well, is that right? If so what's your favorite song?

Tom: Bobcaygeon is my favorite song. That is the song I broke down to in my HoH room, I listened to it probably 50 times that week. I can't stop thinking how important that week was to me, Liza and I will always have those moments. xoxoxo ---> Liza

TPR: Do you think Liza's fake british accent is sexy? :)

Tom: Not as much as her fake French Accent

TPR: I'm a big fan of Dan Gheesling but you said you didn't like him that much, can you explain why? LOL.

Tom: He was such a brilliant player, I just did not respect his lies. Yes, I realize it's just a game but we are real people.

TPR: Does production make the HoH say “WHO WANTS TO SEE MY HOH ROOM?”

Tom: I can't talk about production, but we all do say that.

TPR: Could you tell us about the process you go through with production when you're HoH? I assume they take you into the Diary Room and go through what you need to say, etc.

Tom: No comment.

TPR: I believe you're a good guy (I wouldn't have made a fan blog for you if I didn't, lol) can you give some examples of things you've done in your life to help others so that the haters out there can see you like your fans do? Humanitarian work, perhaps things you've done as a firefighter, etc.

Tom: It's really hard to dig up my past, but I will continue to do wonderful things. I live for today, I have done great things in the past but that doesn't cure tomorrow :)

TPR: Both you and Liza have talked about Topaz going off on Liza after she blew up on you. Could you tell me as much about that incident as you can? Things Topaz said, etc. Since there is no video record I'd like for there to be at least some account of the other side of the story. Please if you choose feel free to ask Liza to do so as well.

Tom: Well, That one would have to be answered by LIZA. I will talk to her and let you know.

TPR: You've said in a few interviews that you're going to have a YouTube channel and that you're writing a song about Liza, any time frame on that?

Tom: I want to get a YouTube account going first. The song is almost ready, give me another couple of weeks to finish it.

TPR: And that's It! Thanks again for doing this Tom, you're a class act all the way!

Tom: Thank you for everything!

Gary Talks About his Blowup with Talla


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