Thursday, March 13, 2014

How I'd Like Tonight To Go

Warning: This post contains spoilers, to view them highlight the red blocks with your mouse.

Firstly I want Allison to win the #FinalHG vote and be put into the house for several reasons.

#1 SHE IS FUCKING HOT! I dunno what the Hell they put in the water in Newfoundland, whether it's all the cod liver oil or what but man Newfie chicks are sexy.

#2 She's a student of the game, oh God what a breath of fresh air it would be to see someone with a brain in that house given this year's horrible cast. There are only a few people in this whole cast I can stand! (Rachelle, Arlie, Jon Neda, and Sarah)

#3 Nate is boring and has creepy fuckin eyes! And Scott, like Gary before him is only interested in attention and using the show to make himself famous.

From all the online polls, tweets, etc that I've been seeing Allison has a huge amount of support. But we know that this production team likes to keep their thumb on the scale, so if Scott wins we'll know it was rigged and Allison never had a chance no matter what she did. I hope the producers prove me wrong.

As far as the official proceedings go I know that Kenny won the POV and used it on Kyle, and unless a Suzette-eqsue miracle happens Kyle is going home, probably on a 9-1 vote. So here's a list of each of the remaining houseguests, whether I want them to win HoH or not and why/why not.

Adel, Neda and Paul: Yes. Because at least 2 of them and maybe all three of them will go after Andrew who I can't stand.

Ika and Heather: Yes. I don't really like either of these two AND they're not part of the First Five alliance, so other than those who would go after Andrew they'd be my next choices.

Jon, Arlie, Rachelle, Allison and Sarah: No. I like them and want to see their hands kept bloodless for now. Also Arlie and Sarah are part of the First Five alliance of whom I hate 3 of the 5 members and DO NOT want to see another boring week with them in charge.

Sabrina and Kenny: No. These two are my worst case scenarios. I hate both of them and they're both First Five alliance members, so none of them would go after Andrew.

Nate and Scott: Yes. I don't like either of them and if they get in I'd love to see them win, get rid of someone I don't like and get blood all over their hands. Not to mention the resentment from the remaining houseguests that they came right into the house and won HoH. Either one would then be toast next week.

So in order I'd like to see

#1 Adel or Paul doesn't matter
#2 Neda
#3 Heather
#4 Ika.

So, now that I've said who I would hate to see as the next HoH (Sabrina and Kenny) go out and put all the money you have on either of those two winning! :D

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