Saturday, March 1, 2014


So, the producers of Big Brother Canada 2 have decided to start the game off with a twist, because I guess there weren't enough twists in season 1 for them. This is the "Who's the final houseguest" twist.

My guess? Gary. I'll bet you're shocked by that considering I will go to my grave believing that they tried to rig the first season for him. But it has to be someone we already know, or else what's the point?

Arisa Cox: And the Final Houseguest for Big Brother Canada 2 is... Joe Nobody from bumfuck nowhere!
Audience: WHO?!?!?!

I suppose that would make it extra twisty though, just the way the chimps who run this operation like it, but naaaaaah.

Who would I like it to be? Gee, I dunno maybe the guy I think got the biggest shaft (figuratively, not literally) in all of Season 1, the guy this blog is named after: TOM!

Or in lieu of that a busty redhead who insists on wearing skimpy bikinis all day. How that would be a twist I have no idea, but I'd approve. Go ahead guys, vote her out, I dare ya! Other cool options would be Liza... Well, technically she'd be a hot option but you know what I mean, Pete Monaghan, Chelsea Gheesling (Again, a hot option), Rob Ford,

Why do I think it will be Gary? Because all of Canada loves him didn't you know? Hell he called Liza all kinds of nasty things and made it personal but SHE still loves him. I think I'm the only person on the planet who can't stand the guy, well except Aneal, so what better way to drive me insane? I've already given my sacred word to Tommy Boy that I'd blog Big Brother Canada 2. If I don't I'm no better than Gary who broke his word and nominated Tom.

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Dear friends, at the request of the man himself, Tom, I've decided to blog Big Brother Canada 2: The Search for Curly's Gold. You owe me Tom, I'm thinkin maybe Liza's digits are a fair payback.

Now, given my enormous worldwide reach and fame this must make the producers very happy. Almost as happy as the wet dream they had about rigging the game for Gary before Topaz fucked it up. BAHAHAHAHAH.Sorry I can't think about that without laughing.

First up, the new house. When I heard that they weren't going to be using the house from Season 1 I was so pissed, it was a fantastic house that I myself would live in, except for all the cameras. However I have to say the new house has a lot of character that the old house had and since I loved the old house I love the new house, except for the kitchen, blech! But I could live there with Liza and Jillian no problem. :D

If you haven't seen the new house yet check out the pics here.

I'll start posting more frequently when the game starts, including a return to my world famous BBCan on Facebook, with lots and lots of appearances by Tom, Tom's Ego and Tom's Integrity!

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