Friday, March 15, 2013


Wow, this is so fucking stupid. First Canada votes to save Suzette, the most annoying houseguest in the game (In what I'm calling the Chevrolet PowerSHIT) because they hate Tom, and now that Tom's ally Emmett wins HoH they start screeching like whiny bitches with their panties in a bunch because Emmett cheated.

Man, this is right up there with the Zapruder Film...

Wait, he CHEATED? OH MY GOD! Here's what I think we should do about this travesty of justice!

Firstly, there should be no more competitions. Canada should just vote on everything, and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING. When a houseguest has to take a shit they should have to ask Big Brother and then Canada gets to vote whether they'll be allowed to use the bathroom or not.

Secondly, Emmett, Tom, and Liza should be punished by being evicted and sent to Guantánamo where a 24/7 live feed is set up so people can watch them suffer, because hey that's what Canada wants right? I bet Canada would get a massive collective hard on at the thought of Tom getting water boarded. And Liza's a slut because she actually has an independent thought every now and then and women in our society just hate that, so off she goes. And Emmett cheated so he deserves to be tortured for the rest of his life right? Seems only fair.

And finally, Suzette should be given permanent HoH and should be able to bring her kids into the house, so the live feeds contain nothing but 24/7 baby crying sounds so the whiners on Twitter can have something they can relate to. Their diapers should be sent to Gitmo to serve as mattresses for the evil 3.

Obviously I'm being sarcastic (Though probably not so obvious to the idiots who want HoH overturned) Could you imagine if every single competition in our society had this kind of scrutiny? I'm a Patriots fan so I can tell you first hand we'd be at least 2 Super Bowls richer if it wasn't for shitty officiating, so GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

Now BBCan posted on their Facebook that because there's "so much going on in the house" the Live Feeds will be down the rest of the day and there will be no After Dark broadcast tonight. Which most likely means they're going to redo the HoH. Thanks a lot assholes, it's not like anyone enjoyed watching those things anyway... I hope you all get gonorrhoea.

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