Friday, March 15, 2013

Emmett Plans to Backdoor Liza

In this video (with horrible audio, which has become a hallmark of BBCan) posted to JokersUpdates Emmett discusses his plan to backdoor Liza with Alec.

I'm torn on this, because I love Liza, she's so sexy and such a free spirit that I admire her greatly, on the other hand I'm not thrilled about how she reacted to Aneal being evicted. I didn't like seeing Aneal go either, but she was right up in Tom's grill about it. She did have a point in that Tom did let himself be manipulated by Emmett, but come on the guy had the better part of 3 minutes to make his decision. (Thanks again for that Chevrolet PowerSHIT) Also if you wanted a say where the fuck were you when Tom went into the storage room? You should have followed his ass in there and made your voice heard! I also didn't think she was dumb enough to make herself a target like she has this week, but...

In the end, it's bros before hoes for me. I'm stickin with Quattro. I think Tom will be a much better player with Liza out of the house. I am worried about Peter though, Liza has an array of feminine charms and I'm hoping he doesn't end up thinking with the wrong head. This season has definitely become a Boys vs. Girls season. Hopefully the best gender, boys, wins. :D

Edit: Of course this will all be moot if BBCan does the idiotic and strips Emmett of HoH.

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