Friday, March 22, 2013

Worst... Episode... Ever...

I should have seen this coming, bad people always get their way over good people. So not only does Tom get blindsided with Emmett being the only non-piece of shit voter in the house, but then Liza goes out too.

Oh I'm sure all the assholes out there who don't like these two just creamed in their pants at this episode. But for those of us who AREN'T morons this was the worst Episode in BBCan's short history.

Not only is the best player AND his lady gone, but now the house is filled with floaters, glitter, and skanks (I'm looking in your direction Topaz) I know I said when Tom got backstabbed by Gary that the blog would continue regardless, but now I'm not so sure I want to watch. Because I know who's going to win. I hate Gary the most so he's OBVIOUSLY going to win. That prediction is as good as fuckin currency. I could take that prediction into my bank tomorrow and they'd deposit that shit no questions asked! Oh, and I want to address any assholes out there who think I hate Gary cuz he's gay: One of my best friends is Gay, and I showed him a video of Gary and even HE hated him. He couldn't even watch the whole video that's how fuckin annoying Gary is. Fuck the other Gay player in the game, Aneal hated him too. Oh Aneal how I wish you were still in the house too...

I'm so pissed off right now, if it wasn't for that God damned Twist and all the whiny bitches getting their panties in a bunch and getting Emmett's HoH taken away this would have never happened. They fuckin rigged this shit to give the viewers what they wanted.

Oh, I also love how the producers handled the whole ShowerGate thing. I'm NOT condoning what Tom did by any stretch, he himself said he was wrong. But motherfuckers made him out like he was Hitler on that shit, didn't even show him apologizing to Alec, WHICH HE DID, or the remorse he felt about it or the night he spent awake thinking about the fallout from it (and to be fair also his relationship with Liza) Just made it seem like he didn't care at all. Didn't show his explanation, NOTHING! Why would I want to continue to watch a show like that? Why do these idiots feel the need to do that, just open up the house, let people in and I'm tellin you the drama will happen on it's own. Stop twisting it and embellishing it to suit your own fuckin agendas. Oh, and using the part where he's crying about his Mom having Cancer as if he's crying about what happened to Alec was fucking lower than Topaz's belly. (She's a snake in this metaphor)

So, anyway. What's done is done, I hope Tom and Liza figure out how they feel about each other and do what's best for both of them.

Jeeze, I gotta calm down... I know, I'll watch that awesome video of the houseguest's dance party. (Dancing starts at 5:10)

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