Saturday, March 16, 2013

The King is Dead, Long Live the Queen

Well, after all the whiny bitches got sand in their collective vaginas and screeched like the bitches they are about Emmett cheating in the HoH competition Big Brother Canada showed they have exactly zero balls and Gary apparently won the new HoH. Congratulations pussies, you got your wish.

TPR got an exclusive photo of an actual EmmettGate whistle-blower

Now, as far as Gary being HoH I'm not completely horrified by it, I just don't like the way it went down, just like the PowerSHIT. I would have had no problem with the PowerSHIT if they had told the Houseguests about it before the nominations began. I also firmly believe they chose to do it this week because they know most morons out there hate Tom and they could get cheap ratings. But hey, what do you expect from an organization that brings a major show to Canada and then puts it on a network with no HD feed...

Now the whiners out there know they can just bitch and moan and get their way whenever they want. Nice job BBCan... You and the cunnys who bitched slapped you into caving in are a disgrace to this country. I was hoping finally we had a mainstream Canadian TV show that didn't blow.

All the cheaters were made have-nots too... Maybe if you morons had a game where it wasn't so fuckin easy to cheat... Amateur hour...

Anyway, watching the live feed right now it sounds like Liza is pulling a Kat and self-destructing. Yeah, I don't know who Kat is either I dunno where that came from. Also from the live feed I heard from AJ that the new competition may have been a True/False contest, but that's obviously unconfirmed.

Some info for this story was gathered from JokersUpdates, wanna make sure to give proper credit, they do great work.

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