Thursday, March 20, 2014

Eviction #3

Note: No BBCan on Facebook tonight, sorry but I've had some real life issues eat into my free time and need to decompress. Will be back on Sunday %100 unless an enormous mutant star goat eats the planet.

So, this is the first eviction of #BBCan2 where I have absolutely no clue who's going home. I have a hunch, but it's not a sure thing like the last two were. That's good in some ways and bad in others. I like the pressure it's putting on the people I can't stand in the house, but I hate the pressure it's putting on the people I like in the house.

I'm completely in the dark on most votes, but here is how I think they're going to go, couple with my degree of certainty in my prediction.


Adel - I think Adel will vote to evict Heather, I'm 99% sure of this. Only chance I see him voting to evict Paul is if he's so pissed at him and he wants to distance himself from him to the rest of the house. But given the vote is completely up in the air he couldn't know how it's going to go.

Arlie - Arlie is one of the wildcards. Unfortunately I feel like he's going to toe the F5 line and vote to evict Paul, but I'm only %60 certain of it.

Jon - Oh Jonny boy, I thought you were great until I saw how far up Kenny's ass you are. And if you're up Kenny's ass then Andrew has you by the balls whether you know it or not. I predict Jon will vote to evict Paul. I'm %80 sure of this.

Kenny - To paraphrase the infamous words of Topaz: I am %150 sure Kenny will vote to evict Paul.

Andrew - See Kenny.

Ika - I'm %99 sure Ika will vote to evict Heather if it's a tie.

Neda - I predict that Neda will vote to evict Heather, she hates Andrew and knows Andrew wants Paul gone. I'm %95 sure of this.

Rachelle - While she's beautiful, she's also a Mean Girl type and thus I believe she'll vote to evict Heather, tho since she's only said about 14 words since she came in to the house I'm only about %70 sure of this.

Sabrina - Sabrina will always sit, roll over, and do any tricks Andrew tells her to. She'll vote to evict Paul, I'm %googol sure.

Allison - See Sabrina.

Sarah - This is the one I actually have absolutely no clue about. I'm gonna predict anyway, but my certainty level is at %50.0000000000000001. I think Sarah will do the right thing in this Kobayashi Maruesque situation and vote to evict Heather. And hey, I like Heather but someone has to go after Kandrew and I think Sarah is getting sick of Kandrew's shit.

So, count these up and it looks like Paul will be evicted on a 6-4 vote. I hope I'm wrong though.

Expectations for HoH 4

There's an excellent 4 part series on PBS called "The Fabric of the Cosmos" in it I learned that while most of us think of space as empty it's actually not, space can bend and twirl and rip as if it were a fabric.

Why am I bringing this up? Because before I watched this series I might have told you that my expecations for this week's HoH were nothing, zip, zilch, nodda! But, since I now know that "nothing" doesn't actually exist I guess I'll just have to say that my expectations are lower than Sabrina's back when Andrew's feelin frisky.

Why? Because who can win that's actually going to DO anything against Kandrew? Ika can't play, but even if she could she proved she's as useless as a female stripper at Elton John's house. The 2 smartest players in the game, Arlie and Neda are going to throw it. Jon is so far up Kenny's ass the lump in Kenny's through is Jon's nose. Rachelle winning would mean another week of Mean Girls, probably focused on getting out Allison, er I mean "New Girl." Heather if she stays would probably go after Ika. Adel and Paul (if he stays) are my only hopes, and that's not much hope.

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