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Metro Canada Article on Tom with Quotes

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Personal Note: I want a job as an editor at Metro Canada, because they have the most spelling mistakes I've ever seen in a major newspaper. They called Quattro "Quartro" and Liza "Lisa" I fixed what I saw...

Albertan Tom Plant was assured he would not be walking out the doors on Thursday night, but in true Big Brother Canada fashion, he learned anything can happen.
The Calgary-born, Edmonton-based Plant was the fourth houseguest evicted from the house, and only minutes later, his “showmance” Liza Stinton walked out the door as well in the live double-eviction episode.
“Right when I found out that I was going home, I felt completely shocked and betrayed. My heart sunk in disappointment that no one could keep their word to me,” he told Metro Friday from Toronto.
Plant had been in a four-person alliance called the “Quatto” with fellow houseguests Emmett Blois, Peter Brown and Alec Beall — or so he thought.
After leaving the house, Plant learned that Beall and Brown have since formed a two-person team and helped mastermind the plan to evict him.
“It was definitely hard. It was a very real feeling.”
Despite being deceived, Plant said he has no regrets about his emotional game play.
Now back in the real-world, he said he’s hopeful his relationship with Stintion, a Torontonian, can continue.
“The world needs us more than the house does, so I really believe we’re out of the house for a reason,” he said. “The house is going to get super poisonous and toxic now, maybe it’s good we can take our relationship into the real world.”
The proud Alberta boy said he plans to return home to spend the summer and see what opportunities arise from this experience.
Big Brother Canada airs Sundays and Wednesdays at 7 p.m. MST, and Thursdays at 8 p.m. MST.

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