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MSN Interview with Tom

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Were you surprised at all by how the votes went? Emmett was the only one who voted for you to stay.
Yeah. Honestly, I was totally shocked how the votes went. Eight to one, when all I needed was five votes to stay. It was already difficult going into it against Liza and I felt super safe with the Quattro alliance. I even felt safe with A.J., who gave me his word and Talla, who is from my hometown. It was very difficult to leave with that big of a backhand.
Did opening up the shower door on Alec make up his mind to evict you or did you think that he and Peter were already going to vote you out?
I personally believe that the whole situation with Alec had nothing to do with me leaving. They had a secret alliance which I’m now finding out about called The Shield and they’re going to get the big and strong competitors out of the game because of the fear that they have that they cannot compete on the same level as myself and Emmett. It was easy for them to send me packing so that they don’t have to deal with me in the future.
The thing with Alec, was that a harmless prank or retaliation for him not using the veto to get you off the block?
It was 100% in the moment. I was just joking around. It could have been anybody in there…any guy. Of course not a female. I would never do that to a girl. I’m a hockey boy and a firefighter. I’m confident with myself. The way that Alec presents himself in the house, I thought that he was very comfortable with himself. It was a simple joke, the door was opened for half a second and then it was closed. Liza was right there and saw nothing. I think that the only person who blew it out of proportion was Alec himself went he went crying about it. It was not premeditated whatsoever.
Alec called you a “bully” for doing this. You confided in Liza that if people knew what you’ve had to overcome, they would never see you as a bully. 
Honestly, the word “bullying” is a horrible word. I was actually bullied in high school quite a bit. I’m a very strong person because of what I had to go through in my life. I grew up really poor and in a tough neighbourhood. I went through a lot of struggles. I didn’t have a male role model in my life growing up, so I had to teach myself everything – like shaving. I had to become the man of the house. I had to be the strong man. So people might take my sternness as bullying or in a negative way, but it’s just being strong and proud.
A lot of the other house guests have said that power went to your head, is this something you would agree with? 
A lot of the house guests say that the power went to my head but a lot of those house guests never won an HoH or a Power of Veto competition. So once they are in a position of power, they’ll feel pretty amazing too! I felt great. You’ve got to win to be in that position and none of those people have won anything yet. In his goodbye message, Andrew said that I worked out so much that the only thing that got bigger was my ego. That upset me because I was helping Andrew out with his workouts and taking care of his knees, which were really bad. And when Peter said “Don’t worry about Liza. I’m going to keep her warm,” that struck with me too, because Peter’s got no balls. He’s so quiet in the house and doesn’t say anything. The only chance he ever had the guts to say it was when he couldn’t say it to my face. I’m a strong individual…but Peter and I are going to have a little chat. It’ll be interesting!
If you had to choose between Emmett and Liza, who would you have taken to the final two?
I would have went with Emmett. It has nothing against Liza, but from Day 1, Emmett was my boy and I gave him my word. I keep my word.
What’s next for yourself and Liza?
Honestly, we joked that it was a “no-mance.” She and I kept it classy. I’m in her city right now (Toronto) but I’m an Alberta boy, so that will be difficult.
With yourself and Liza out of the house, how do you see the next week playing out? Who do you think will be the next big targets?
With the way that the groups are aligning, I’m going to say that they’ll take out A.J. and Talla. You’ve got the boys, Alec, Peter and Emmett while Alec has Topaz, Emmett has Jillian. Then you’ve got Gary and who is he going to align with? Is he going to align with Topaz, Suzette or Talla? There’s going to be some people who’ll stick out and they’ll be on the block. But, I’ll tell you this: Talla is kerosene, she needs one little spark for her to blow up!

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