Sunday, March 16, 2014

Happy Birthday to Tom Plant Rules

So, yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of the day I started Tom Plant Rules. What a crazy year it's been.

God willing, if this mostly terrible cast of season 2 doesn't drive me to drink I'll be here next year to celebrate as well.

I'd like to thank some of the people who've helped make TPR a success. Firstly, of course, the man, the legend, the one and only Tom Plant. Without whom there would be no Tom Plant Rules, at most it would just be called "Rules" which wouldn't make any sense at all. Tom has been quite simply the most gracious subject a fan could ever ask for. He's never once said no to me, even when I've asked for crazy shit. He raves about the Big Brother Canada on Facebook comics, he retweets every one I send him and he showed he can enjoy fun being poked at himself with my "Tom's Ego" and "Tom's Integrity" characters. Also he was super gracious in granting my piddly little blog an interview after he was unjustly evicted last year. I wish all of Canada could see the side of him I have. Thanks Tom, you're the best.

Secondly, Tom's nomance/showmance the beautiful, intelligent and kind Liza Stinton. Despite what her edit showed Liza is a wonderful person who's using her celebrity to do good work. (See my Liza Charity post from yesterday) She also puts up with my crazy fandom and blatant digital lust for her :D  Liza's never said an unkind word to me and always helped me out. So thank you Liza, your fans know what a great person you are.

Next I'd like to thank Dingo at @Hamsterwatch on twitter or Dingo (or hammy as I call her) has been extremely kind to me and helped an up and coming blogger find an audience for his silly comic creations. She's taught me about Big Brother history and kept me from going nuts with this mostly terrible cast this season. She's a fantastically nice person and I'm happy this project has given me the chance to know her.

Next I'd like to thank the creators of NFL QBs Talkin on Facebook at who I pretty much stole the idea for Big Brother Canada on Facebook from. :D These guys created hilarious NFL themed Facebook chats and they were the inspiration for me to do what I did. If you are an NFL fan please check them out.

And finally, I'd like to thank ALL of the people who have visted my site in the last year. According to Blogger I've had over 15,000 page views since the blog began, and I hope each and every one of you enjoyed my highly opinionated posts or my goofy pictures, videos and comics. Here's to another year of the same support. :)

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