Monday, March 24, 2014

This Week's Poll: Who's the Biggest Threat to Kenny and Andrew?

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This week's poll question: Who's the biggest threat to Kenny and Andrew. For non mobile users simply make your choice to the right of this post, for mobile users who can't see the poll the link above will take you to it.

You can vote once a day until the poll ends on Thursday night.

Unfortunately this is a difficult choice because the First Five (who's de facto leaders are Kenny and Andrew) knows about all of the threats to them thanks to Sabrina. I can't stand Sabrina but I have to give her props, she's playing a FANTASTIC game. Why anyone outside Kenny and Andrew trusts her is beyond me, but this cast isn't exactly brimming with intelligence.

My best guess as to who would be the biggest threat would be Neda. As I mentioned First Five knows about her desire to make a big move and get one of Kandrew out, but the problem for them is they also know Adel and Jon want exactly the same thing and I think they would view those two as bigger threats, especially since they think Adel has the Diamond Veto.

But, who do you think can take them down? (If anyone) Early returns show you all seem to be on the same page as me with 6 votes each for Jon and Adel and 5 for Arlie. Arlie is the true wild card, I'm just praying he can bring Sarah into the fold and doesn't wait too long to turn on Kenny, Andrew an Sabrina.

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