Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Want to Own a Piece of Big Brother History?

Just thought I'd give all you fellow Tom fans a heads up that Tom is selling his Big Brother Canada bag on Ebay, with %50 of the proceeds going toward Breast Cancer research. (Well, it says charity but I've gotta assume that it's the one near and dear to his heart)

Edit: Tom has revealed the charity to be The University of Alberta Children's Hospital. a place he had surgery at when he was young. But Cancer still sucks too so buy the bag AND donate to the Canadian Cancer Society! :D Looking on Google the only children's hospital I see there is the Stollery Children's hospital, I'll try to confirm with Tom and put a link up ASAP.

Edit 2: Confirmed, the charity is the Stollery Children's hospital at the University of Alberta. Click here if you'd like to make a donation. Or just bid on the bag. :D

I wish I didn't have such a bad case of poor because I'd love to buy this. Anyway, I highly encourage all you Tom fans out there to bid this this up into the stratosphere  not just because you love Tom but because you hate cancer!

In honor of Tom's gesture and my hatred of Cancer (Which took my sister from us, I miss you Jen.) I'm putting a donation button to the Canadian Cancer Society at the very top of the right sidebar. Simply click on it and then donate whatever you can.

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