Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Valuable Prize is Won

Apparently while the feeds were off a competition was held and Gary won allowing him the power to replace one of the players in the Power of Veto competition. Of course, it HAD to be Gary. Probably the comp was rigged so that he would win it cuz everyone LOVES Gary, didn't you know?

No word on whether he'll be allowed to take one of the nominees or the reigning HoH out or if it will just be one of the randomly selected players. Apparently he told Suzette that if he were on the block he'd take the other block player off, which would be a dick move but hey this is Gary we're talking about here; the same guy that got taken off the block by Tom with an agreement to protect Tom for the next week and then smiled that shit eating grin when Tom was evicted. Can you guys tell I don't like Gary?

I think it would be hilarious if the next HoH put he and Topaz on the block, yeah let's see if you fuck with the other nominee then asshole.

Edit: According to Gary told Suzette that he can take ANY player out of the POV competition, INCLUDING the HoH or one of the nominees... He's pretending to the other houseguests that he can only take off a randomly selected player. I hope that if the houseguests do decide to go after Gary this week they're smart enough to backdoor him, ESPECIALLY given this new power this week. I want to see that motherfucker GONE!

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