Monday, March 18, 2013


I talk a lot about Tom on this blog, and with good reason cuz he's fuckin AWESOME, but I figured I'd dedicate a post to his main squeeze in the game, Liza.

Firstly, I LOVE Liza. Beautiful, Intelligent, strong girls who aren't fuckin stuck up about sex turn me on, even more so because other girls hate them so much. Yeah, God forbid a woman admit to enjoying sex, what if all them did that? THEN what would they use to control men?!? She's ruining EVERYTHING! I don't give a fuck what anyone says, Liza is a girl AHEAD of her time. I wish I lived about 50-100 years later when all the girls will be like her and we won't have such a repressed society. And she's BI! *drools*

I'm sorry, were you talking?
Much like Tom Liza isn't perfect, but to see all the other houseguests slandering her this week because of the lies being spread by that fuckin snake Topaz pains me. I especially loved on After Dark where Gary was talking about how he wanted to make her life so difficult in the house next week that she would leave. Yeah, bet that won't make it on the main show, it's contrary to the narrative that everyone loves Gary. Hopefully Liza can win HoH on Thursday and send Gary fuckin packin, she did really well in the Bees Knees challenge. (All I have left in this game is revenge)

Liza and Tom have made such a great pair in this game with her as the brains and Tom as the brawns, and I firmly believe that if the fuckin moron producers hadn't screwed them first with the PowerSHIT and secondly taking Emmett's HoH away they'd be dominating this game. Liza and Tom got robbed, plain and simple. If you disagree I got a big pair of hairy nuts you can suck.

It seems inevitable that she's going to be evicted some time soon, and when that happens I hope that she takes her own advice and know that this was her time and that her opportunity is waiting for her on the other side of Big Brother door. I gotta think I'm not the only one out there who is forward thinking and will want to work with her. Whatever happens I wish her the best of luck!

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