Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Could Sunday's Twist Have Already Been Leaked?

Bigbrotherdaily.com is reporting that a screenshot of a possible Big Brother Canada twist may have been leaked shortly after Sunday's episode aired. Now, of course as an avid Photoshop (Now GIMP as I've switched to Ubuntu) user I know these types of things can often be fake, but if true it would represent the 3rd twist in the last 4 house weeks, leading me to wonder if perhaps Big Brother Canada is trying a little too hard. The game itself is exciting enough, adding in a bunch of stupid twists to make it more exciting is not necessary in my humble opinion.

I'm as confused as they are over what this could possibly mean, Double HOH? Which when I first heard all I could think of was that scene in The Simpsons where the school struck oil and they're getting suggestions on what to buy and Otto goes "You know those guitars that are like, Double guitars, you know?" How the fuck does that work? Do we have 2 nomination ceremonies for a total of 4 nominees? Does each HoH pick one? Who sleeps in the HoH room? Are they forced to spoon together even if they're not in a showmance? If both of them have to take a shit at the same time how do they decide who gets the HoH shitter, Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock?

In any event I hope that somehow this twist leads to Gary and Topaz being evicted. Although I would love to see Topaz moping around for a week crying over her lost love, I'd settle for seeing her skanky ass given the Big Brother Canada boot.

Edit: Big Brother Nerds has mentioned that this same twist was used in the Big Brother All Stars year and at that time it consisted of two HoHs that have to agree on the nominees. If the two HoHs can't agree THEY become the nominees! Oh I hope Gary and Alec win and can't come to an agreement! Bahahaha.

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