Friday, March 14, 2014

The Morning After The Night Before

Warning: This post contains spoilers, to view them highlight the red blocks with your mouse.

So, last night went pretty well. Not perfect from my standpoint but it could have gone a lot worse.

The highlight of the night for me was the crestfallen look on Scott's face when he found out he wouldn't be going in to the house.

Yeah, THAT'S the stuff!

Kyle going home was good for me. As much as I hate Andrew I didn't like Kyle either and Paul is starting to grow on me juuuuuust a little bit. I still think he's an idiot, but he's not as annoying as he was at first. And I gotta say that fake TV show they did was comedic gold. Reminded me of the good old days and the Tom and Liza show.

Though I'm thrilled to death that Allison got voted in to the house, I have to say there was a potential horrible downside that I hadn't considered. Andrew. He was all over her from the moment she got in to the house and it made me want to puke my face off. (Classic Mom from Futurama Quote) According to the fine people at Joker's Updates Sabrina says they were bedmates last night as well. I'm "hoping" that's just because Andrew was HoH and she's new to the house so it was just a logical pairing, but still. *shudder* Of course Sabrina is about as reliable as a final 2 deal with the legend that is Dan Gheesling but still.

I have to say that I was worried when the greatest host in the history of mankind told Allison that she couldn't talk about how she got there, but Allison is a smart cookie (despite the afforementioned Andrew socializing) and her "What? This isn't the premiere?" schtick was BRILLIANT! I really hope she can stay around long enough to  develop some non-Andrew alliance and make a run at winning this thing. Allison has immunity this week so hopefully she can use that time wisely. With these restrictions I was also concerned that BBCan2 would waste the awesome war room but according to the fantastic @Hamsterwatch the room will be back later. I'm thrilled to hear that, because it would be such a waste if it weren't.

Ika has been driving me insane by telling different people different stories about who she's going to nominate. At first she said it would be Paul and Adel, which would be about as useless an HoH as possible and essentially would be what I feared last night, another week of the First Five in charge by proxy.

Then she started saying Andrew and/or Kenny which if you read yesterday's post you'd know I'm COMPLETELY on board with. Though I'd prefer to see Andrew of the two go Kenny would be the next best thing as he's Andrew's closest ally. When Sabrina got wind of this (Seriously, why do people tell that witch anything?) she immediately ran to Kenny and Andrew like a trained dog and spilled her guts. Kenny then reportedly tried to intimidate Ika into nominating Paul and Adel. There's a brilliant idea, threaten the HoH. Kenny reminds me of Gary and how entitled he thought he was.

Then apparently Paul offended her by "throwing Adel under the bus" and she switched back to Paul and Adel. I'm DESPERATELY hoping that this is just a smokescreen to blindside Kenny and Andrew and keep their attack dog Sabrina off her ass for a few days. But time will tell.

Until next time dear reader I'll be keepin it off the record, on the Q.T. and very hush hush! (Classic L.A. Confidential Quote)

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